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Radford University Library

Rare book collection (see also Special Collections)

Reading citations

Recalling a checked-out book

Reciprocal borrowing privileges at ARL libraries

Recommend material(s) for purchase

Ask a librarian

Email a question

Frequently asked questions

Subject guides

Reference sheets, search aids for finding publications in

Case citation abbreviations

Congressional hearings


AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
NASA/NACA National Aeronautics and Space Administration/National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers

Engineering standards

Forestry resources

Patents, trademarks and copyright

Remote storage facility (general information)

Renew checked-out items (my library account)

How to renew

Why books may not renew

Reports, standards and financials (database type)

Request forms

Desktop Delivery

Request a book or journal from storage (items sent via library courier)

Request a checked out book

Request purchase of an item

Research data services

Research methodology

Experiment design

Quantitative vs qualitative research

Research methods defined

Research paper scheduler

Research portal

Research proposal, writing

Reservations, classroom

Classroom usage policies

Contact your college or subject librarian (assist/teach a library resources instruction class)


For instructors:

Placing items on reserve and other services
Copyright law
End of semester returns
Missing, damaged, or long overdue reserve items
Reserve request form (VT instructors only: use for library owned materials - web form)
Reserve request form (VT instructors only: use for personal copies - PDF)
Types of materials accepted

For students

Checking reserve items out
Renewing reserve materials
Tips on searching for reserve materials
Viewing online/electronic reserves: must use Adobe Reader - download here

General reserve policies

Search Addison for Reserves

Returning library materials

Reviews and critiques (database type)

Rosetta Stone software