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Software available on campus

In addition to the software available on the public computers in Newman Library, other software packages are available in labs around campus. Because the Computing Center no longer maintains a web page listing the software available in the labs they maintain, we have manually created this list by visiting labs and recording the software installed. This list will be updated on an irregular basis.

SoftwareCategoryNewman Library PublicNewman Library - Port: Research Commons - Room 3320Torgersen Labs 1010 & 1080Torgersen BridgeArchitecture Annex - AA Room 1
3DSlicerVisualization  X  
ACDLABS 8.0Science - Chemistry  X  X
Adobe CS6 Design & Web PremiumMultimedia/Web Authoring  X   
Adobe Design Premium CS5.5 Multimedia AuthoringX XX X
Adobe Design Premium CS5  Multimedia Authoring    X (Mac Side) 
Adobe 3D ReviewerMultimedia Authoring     
Adobe Acrobat 10 ProMultimedia Authoring  XX X (Mac Side) 
Adobe Bridge CS6Multimedia Authoring X   
Adobe Bridge CS5.1Multimedia Authoring    X (Mac Side) 
Adobe Acrobat Distiller XMultimedia Authoring XX  
Adobe Content ViewerMultimedia Authoring  X X
Adobe Distiller 9Multimedia Authoring     
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6Multimedia Authoring X   
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5Multimedia Authoring   X (Mac Side) 
Adobe Fireworks CS6Multimedia/Web Authoring X   
Adobe Fireworks CS5.1Multimedia/Web Authoring   X (Mac Side) 
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5Multimedia/Web Design   X (Mac Side) 
Adobe Flash Pro CS6Multimedia/Web Design X   
Adobe Flash CS5.5Multimedia/Web Design   X (Mac Side) 
Adobe Illustrator CS6Multimedia Authoring X   
Adobe Illustrator CS5.1Multimedia Authoring   X (Mac Side) 
Adobe InDesign CS6Multimedia Authoring X   
Adobe InDesign CS5.5Multimedia Authoring   X (Mac Side) 
Adobe LiveCycle ES2Multimedia Authoring  X  
Adobe Media Encoder Multimedia  X  X (Mac Side)X
Adobe Photoshop CS6Multimedia Authoring X   
Adobe Photoshop CS5.1Multimedia Authoring   X (Mac Side) 
Adobe Reader XMultimedia AuthoringXXX  
Adobe Widget BrowserMultimedia Authoring  X  
Apple Safari (Windows)Browser  XX 
ArduinoEngineering Design  X  
AudacityMultimedia Authoring X   
Autodesk Educational Suite 2013 CADXX X  
Autodesk AutoCAD 2011CAD     X
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011CAD     X
Autodesk Design Review 2011CAD     X
Autodesk Inventor 2010CAD     
Autodesk Vault 2010CAD     
Bently Microstation V8iCAD  X  
BlueJProgramming/Java language  X  
CatmaTextual Analysis X   
CytoscapeVisualization X   
DNR GPSGIS/Mapping  X  
Elaborate Bytes (Windows)MultimediaX XXX
EndNoteBibliographicXXXX (Mac Side)X
Envi 4.8GIS/Mapping  X  
ERDAS Imagine 2010GIS/Mapping  X  
ESRI ArcGIS 10.1GIS/Mapping X   
ESRI ArcGIS 10.0GIS/Mapping  X  X
ESRI ArcInfo Workstation 2010GIS/Mapping  X  X
Front RowMultimedia Authoring   X (Mac Side) 
FuguFile Transfer Software   X (Mac Side) 
GIMPGraphics X   
Goliath 1.0.1Web   X (Mac Side) 
Google ChromeWebXXXX 
Google EarthGIS/Mapping XX  
Google SketchUp3D Modeling X   
GraphvizVisualization X   
Image CaptureMultimedia Authoring   X (Mac Side) 
InnoVue for IE and FirefoxTiFF Viewer     
iTunesApple App   X 
Java Runtime EnvironmentProgramming/Web Development     
jEditProgramming/Text Editor  X  
jZipFile Compression Utility   X 
Komodo EditEditor   X (Mac Side) 
LabVIEWMathematics/Programming language XX  
LibreCADCAD X   
LibreOfficeBusiness/Office X   
LibX for IE and FirefoxLibrary Catalogs/Searching  X   
MARSRemote Sensing     
MathWorks: MATLAB R 2012Numerical/StatisticalX  X X
MathWorks: MATLAB R 2011aNumerical/Statistical   X (Mac Side) 
Mendeley DesktopResearch/Bibliographic X   
MicrOsiris Numerical/Statistical X   
Microsoft Excel 2010Business/OfficeXX X  
Microsoft Excel 2008Business/Office   X (Mac Side) 
Microsoft Excel 2007Business/OfficeX    
Microsoft Internet ExplorerWebX X  
Microsoft Office 2011Business/Office   X (Mac Side) 
Microsoft Office 2010Business/Office X XXX
Microsoft Powerpoint 2010Business/OfficeXX   
Microsoft Powerpoint 2008Business/Office   X (Mac Side) 
Microsoft Powerpoint 2007Business/OfficeX    
Microsoft SharePoint 2010Business/Office  X  
Microsoft SilverlightBusiness/OfficeX XX  X
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 & 2008Computing  X  
Microsoft Visual C ++Business/Office  X  
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Business/Office  X  X
Microsoft Windows DVD MakerBusiness/Office  X  
Microsoft Windows Fax & ScanBusiness/Office  X  
Microsoft Windows Media CenterBusiness/Office  X  
Microsoft Windows Media PlayerMultimediaX    
Microsoft Windows SDKBusiness/Office  X  
Microsoft Word 2010Business/OfficeXX X  
Microsoft Word 2008Business/Office   X (Mac Side) 
Microsoft Word 2007Business/OfficeX    
Minitab 16Numerical/StatisticalX X X X
Mozilla Firefox (Windows side)WebXXXX 
National Instruments CVI 2011Engineering Design  X  
National Instruments LabVIEW 2011Engineering Design  X  
National Instruments Measurement StudioEngineering Design  X  
National Instruments SignalExpressEngineering Design  X  
National Instruments Vision Assistant 2010Engineering Design  X  
NX 8.0Engineering Design  X  
OpenEVGIS/Mapping X   
OpenOffice (Apache)Business/OfficeX    
OrangeVisualization  X   
ParaView 3.10.1Scientific Visualization  X  
Photo BoothMultimedia Authoring   X (Mac Side) 
PlistEdit ProEditor   X (Mac Side) 
PuTTYopen source terminal emulator  XX  
PythonProgramming X   
QGISGis/Mapping X   
QuickTimeMultimediaXXX X X
QSR NvivoQualitative data analysis X   
R StatsNumerical/Statistical X   
R StudioNumerical/Statistical  X   X
SASNumerical/Statistical  XXX
SAS JMP ProNumerical/StatisticalX  X X (Mac Side) X
SolidWorks 2012CADX X  
SPSS: PASW Statistics 20Numerical/StatisticalX XX  
Stata/SE 9 Numerical/Statistical    X
uDigGis/Mapping  X   
VideoLAN VLCMultimediaX  X X 
VisIt 2.31Scientific Visualization  X  
WebdriveUtilities XX  X
Wolfram MathematicaNumerical/StatisticalXXXXX
Zotero StandaloneResearch/Bibliographic X