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Cadet Museum moves to Newman Library


Cadet museum

Feb. 21, 2014 – Due to the construction on the cadet quarters on campus, the Cadet Museum was lacking a temporary home until it could be housed in the new administrative building for the Corps of Cadets—luckily, the Dean of Virginia Tech Libraries, Tyler Walters, offered his assistance. He agreed to help the Corps Commandant, Major General Randal D. Fullhart, with the issue of housing the Cadet Museum collection during the construction on the upper quad. The collection will be in Newman Library for several years during the construction, with much of the collection viewable by the public.

The Corps of Cadets currently has substandard housing for its students in comparison with the rest of on-campus dormitories, and the redesign of the upper quad is meant to resolve this problem. The administrative building that is to be built will eventually house the Cadet Museum collection in its entirety, but the collection needed a temporary home during the construction. The move of material has already begun, and will continue through Spring break. Some 25 cases containing old cadet uniforms, pictures, articles, sabers, band memorabilia, and unit artifacts moved from Rasche Hall (now demolished) to Newman Library. This is the first time since the beginning of the Corps of Cadets Museum that the material will be publicly viewable.

Several departments on campus were involved in the move, including library faculty and staff, the History department, and the Corps of Cadets Commandant, Major General Randal D. Fullhart. All of the material in the museum will be catalogued during the move, with Adrienne Serra lending her museum expertise from Special Collections, and Scott Pennington supervising the digital curation process and data transcription. The campus Carpentry department helped with locks for the display cases, and Newman Library took the green route during the process by using recycled materials to protect artifacts during the move. 

Newman Library is very excited to have the opportunity to house such an extensive collection, and to be able to make that collection viewable by students and alumni alike. An evolving online exhibit of these pieces is now available.

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