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More than books: Checking out electronics from Newman Library


Circulating equipment

Oct. 1, 2014 – Newman Library has long had more than books to check out: videos and DVDs, music CDs, 35mm slides, play scripts, and music scores. Last summer we started circulating electronic equipment: laptops, iPads, digital cameras, mini video projectors, calculators, and digital voice recorders. We have since added DVD and VHS players, charging cables, and adaptors to connect these devices to monitors and projectors.

The laptops in particular have proven very popular. Though all undergrads are required to have a laptop, when yours starts acting up or needs to be sent off for repairs, having a free backup option is great for the cash-strapped student. The iPads are also allowing students to continue working with new technologies (apps!) introduced in iPad classrooms across campus.

We're considering new pieces to add to this collection, including GPS units and Windows tablets.

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