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JSTOR offers free and paid access to much of their journal collection



Sept. 25, 2013 – JSTOR has launched two services that allow non-student (including Virginia Tech alumni) access to much of their journal contents.

Register and Read allows access to a subset of JSTOR's content for free. It requires creating a MyJSTOR profile on the site. Once you've registered (or logged in with your account, if you already have one) you may add the item to your MyJSTOR shelf, which allows you to view the content as full-text page images. You may have up to three items on your shelf at any time, for as long as you'd like. But an item must stay on the shelf for a minimum of 14 days before it can be removed and replaced with a new item. PDF versions of some articles will also be available for purchase and download. If you purchase articles from your shelf, the shelf slot immediately becomes available for use with another item. Purchased PDF versions of items may be stored and accessed in your MyJSTOR account at any time.

JPASS provides individuals with personal access to a select portion of journal content on JSTOR. As a time-based, individual library card, it grants archival access to roughly 1,500 journals through a one-month or a one-year plan. Individuals who purchase a JPASS plan will be granted unlimited reading access and limited downloading of articles in JPASS. The JPASS Collection consists of roughly eighty percent of the JSTOR archive at this time. Current journals, books, and primary sources are not included in the JPASS offer.

We do not have the Alumni Access product (it is very expensive).

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