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A balance must exist between the rights of the producers and distributors of the works which we collect and disseminate and the privileges of ourselves and our patrons who benefit from their display. We understand that if the owners of audiovisual works are denied their legal right to actual and potential revenues that may be derived from their works, the net effect will be a decline in the production of audiovisual materials, and we consider infractions of copyright law to be equivalent to acts of theft.

  • Off-air recordings that departments own and have been retained longer than the 45 days free-use period are considered illegal.
  • The library can not put illegal off-air recordings on reserve.
  • The library can not make duplicate copies of illegal off-air recordings.
  • The library can not alter off-air programs. Excerpts of programs can be used in class provided the recorded program is not altered from its original content.
  • The library can not duplicate copyrighted tapes or DVDs.
  • Some library-owned videos have public performance rights; many, however, do not. Those that are labeled For home use only may be used in a face-to-face teaching situation.
  • Groups or clubs may not use For home use only videos in a public performance setting. They must rent the videos from sources that grant public performance rights.
  • Off-air recordings may be used once by individual instructors in the course of relevant teaching activities, and repeated only once when instructional reinforcement is necessary, in classrooms and similar places devoted to instruction within a single building, cluster or campus, as well as in the homes of students receiving formalized home instruction, during the first 10 consecutive school days in the 45 calendar day retention period only for instructor-evaluator purposes, i.e., to determine whether or not to include broadcast program in the teaching curriculum, and may not be used in the institution for student exhibition or any other non-evaluative purpose without authorization.

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