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There are three ways of getting citations into your EndNote library: manually entering the information, using EndNote to search databases and adding those search results to the library, and searching databases directly where you can export those search results to EndNote.

Searching databases through EndNote

EndNote provides connection files to search some databases directly, with search results automatically added to your EndNote library. Freely accessible databases like Medline/Pubmed work seamlessly whether you are using the campus network or not. Some subscription-based databases like Web of Science will allow searching and importing article citations, but do not provide access to the full text of the articles when you are not using the campus network. In many cases, connecting to the campus network through the VPN will provide more complete access to these databases' contents. Finally, some databases require a password to search their contents through EndNote; when we have access to such passwords, they will either be posted on the pages linked below or can be requested through Ask a Librarian.

Importing database search results into EndNote

When direct searching through EndNote is not an option, or you wish to take advantage of the advanced search options available through the database's native interface, you will need to go through a process of selecting citations to export and then importing that list into EndNote. That process varies among database providers; instructions for most of our database providers are listed on pages linked below.

Instructions for searching or importing from databases

Download EndNote (from campus network)

The university has a site license for the EndNote product and makes it available to all Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students.

This product may be installed on any machines owned by the University. You may install it on personally owned machines if you are a graduate student, undergraduate student, faculty member or staff member of the University.

You have to be connected to the campus network, including the Virginia Tech VPN, to download EndNote  from the Software Distribution Office site. Once downloaded and installed, check periodically to see if there have been updates.

EndNote Online

EndNote Online is the cloud-based version of EndNote. There is a free version anyone (including alumni) can use; students, faculty, and staff have access to the full version of EndNote web (that can sync with your installed desktop version) because of our subscription to Web of Science. You can install browser extensions to ease access to your EndNote libraries while searching online.