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Bibliography on Asian studies

Bibliography of Asian Studies from EBSCOhost

Import process

If downloading from the bookbag, you will need to save the BAS import filter first.

There are two different methods depending on whether you download all your retrieved records from the result screen, or whether you download records saved to the bookbag.

  1. On the result screen click on Download Records.
  2. When prompted to save, save the file with an understandable name, give it a .txt extension, and select All Files under Save as type.
  3. Open the file of records in Wordpad.
  4. Add as the first line: *Journal Article ( include the asterisk, and end the line with a return)
  5. On the line: BAS ID, Title, Author, Citation and Subjects replace BAS ID with Unused, Citation with Journal, and Subjects with Keywords (do not lose the tabs between the fields); save the changes to the file
  6. In Endnote, follow the normal Import procedure; for the Import Option, select Tab Delimited.
  7. All the records should now be imported as Journal Articles.

Download EndNote (from campus network)

The university has a site license for the EndNote product and makes it available to all Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students.

This product may be installed on any machines owned by the University. You may install it on personally owned machines if you are a graduate student, undergraduate student, faculty member or staff member of the University.

You have to be connected to the campus network, including the Virginia Tech VPN, to download EndNote  from the Software Distribution Office site. Once downloaded and installed, check periodically to see if there have been updates.