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Import process

  1. Run search, mark results., then lick on Save citation(s). This requires logging into a previously established account.
  2. Click on Saved Citations to see My Saved Citations list. Check the Select all box (or mark selected references).
  3. Click the Export article citations button.
  4. Select EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager(download RIS file) from the Export Citations options.
  5. You are asked to Open or Save Choose Open to automatically imported into your designated EndNote library. If you choose Save, the results are saved to the file “citations.ris.” Click it to import the saved records.


The results will include a persistent URL with This link will work when on-campus, but off-campus users will have to modify it to work successfully. Prepend the library's EZproxy string to the URL:

Following the ?url= you add the document URL that was imported into your EndNote library. Example: becomes

Download EndNote (from campus network)

The university has a site license for the EndNote product and makes it available to all Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students.

This product may be installed on any machines owned by the University. You may install it on personally owned machines if you are a graduate student, undergraduate student, faculty member or staff member of the University.

You have to be connected to the campus network, including the Virginia Tech VPN, to download EndNote  from the Software Distribution Office site. Once downloaded and installed, check periodically to see if there have been updates.