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These photographs are a collection of students’ coursework in the online course, ART 1004, Digital Photography (Studio Art for Non-Majors).

Much of the work you will see here results from exploration in and discovery of photography as a medium for art and expression. Upon beginning the course, many of the students had never used a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera or a mirror-less camera; most only had experience using “point-and-shoot” or phone cameras.

In the course, students learned how to use and manipulate the basic tools in photography: cameras, editing software, and printing/web-publishing technology. Through exploring these tools, students developed unique approaches to photography and discovered different styles using post-processing and editing techniques.

Each photographer’s style is a result of his or her understanding of what is being photographed and the best approach for creating an image through photography. The most difficult task in learning photography is expressing what you want to say with the camera. The selected photographs represent students’ broad interests and messages, and illustrate a wide range of backgrounds and styles.

As evidenced in the end result, photography is as much about the photographic process as it is about the personal philosophies and experiences of individual photographers.


Joy Rosenthal

Instructor, Digital Photography

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