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The Hallmarks of Cancer exhibit displayed selected final projects created by undergraduate student teams for the spring 2013 section of BIOL 4874 Cancer Biology. Students were asked to demonstrate deep understanding of and add value to the Hallmarks of Cancer.

The hallmarks were first described by scientists Douglas Hanahan and Robert Weinberg in a seminal article published in the journal Cell in 2000. Hanahan and Weinberg's hallmarks provided the cancer biology field a unifying framework from which to study and treat cancer despite the daunting recognition gained from decades of research that every case of cancer presented a unique signature of genetic mutations.

The projects displayed demonstrate that cancer biology students not only learned the molecular biology principles that underlie the hallmarks, but that they also met more universal learning outcomes in information literacy, teamwork, critical thinking, and integration across disciplines. Through collaboration with out-of-class mentors, students connected cancer biology with art, nutrition, child development, socioeconomics, and wildlife ecology.

The Hallmarks of Cancer exhibit was made possible by the University Libraries, the Department of Biological Sciences, the XYZ Gallery, and the Armory Gallery of Virginia Tech.

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