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The Course Exhibition Initiative is part of an ongoing project to showcase the learning that happens at Virginia Tech as a shared experience. Exhibits will be featured in the second floor commons of Newman Library and will highlight innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to learning as well as provide an adaptive space for discovery and engagement.

If you are interested in sharing your course projects here, please contact Scott Fralin.

  • Arts + Crafts: Creative nonfiction

        Arts + Crafts: Creative nonfiction poster 02

    This interactive exhibit explored the work of a graduate creative nonfiction course from the Master of Fine Arts Creative Writing program. For the final project, students were asked to design and construct physical, interactive exhibits that deployed narratives about the subjects they were investigating. So they brainstormed. They drew up blueprints. They revised. They built things. They tracked down artifacts. They incorporated various physical and digital media into a representational experiment to create—through text and object—exhibits that would, when a visitor interacted with them, come alive with story.

  • Soviet history for the networked age


    In the fall 2013 section of HIST 3644, undergraduate students studied Soviet history in a networked learning environment that used blogging to construct and present the content of the course. Each student maintained a blog that was syndicated to a main blog called Motherblog Central. Using guidelines provided by the instructor, students chose a topic that interested them, researched it, and posted their findings each week. The instructor and an undergraduate student assistant then curated the submissions into a "weekly edition" of the main blog, tagging the posts by topic and identifying exemplary posts to highlight on the slider at the top of the main blog.

  • Hallmarks of cancer

        Hallmarks of Cancer exhibit

    The Hallmarks of Cancer exhibit displayed selected final projects created by undergraduate student teams for the spring 2013 section of BIOL 4874 Cancer Biology. Students were asked to demonstrate deep understanding of and add value to the hallmarks of cancer. Through collaboration with out-of-class mentors, students connected cancer biology with art, nutrition, child development, socioeconomics, and wildlife ecology.

  • Connor Grennan's Little Princes

        posters on display

    Posters resulting from Herbert Bruce's UNIV 2984 course based on research on topics in Connor Grennan's Little Princes, 2013-2014's common book.


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