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For their final project, students from Matt Eick's course, ENSC 1015: Foundations of Environmental Science, created video public service announcements (PSAs) which will be displayed in Newman Library as part of the the Course Exhibition Initiative.

More than anything else, this course is about what it might take to keep the Earth a habitable planet.  Some people say that we have already created conditions that spell our species’ doom.  Others see us as being on a very slippery slope that could lead to our extinction.  Yet others who have considered such matters say there are no serious concerns for the Earth’s ability to support all its human inhabitants – no matter how many of us there may eventually be. A much larger number of people probably have no well-formed opinion about such matters at all.  But these issues are so large and the consequences of being wrong are so potentially unthinkable that no one should be uninformed about them.  Throughout this course students will read, talk, debate, create, and think about what we can do to impart an environmental consciousness in humans that will allow this planet to habitable for all creatures for generations to come.


Matt Eick

Professor of Environmental Soil Chemistry

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