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This exhibition showcases students’ work from ART 2575, Introduction to Graphic Design II. The class focused on a refinement of the students’ design skills and a mastery of design technology in creating stylized computer graphics and illustrations for specific visual communication needs. Throughout the semester, students in the class learned advanced techniques and skills with Adobe Creative Cloud’s core programs and used them in combination with their design skills and knowledge in a variety of illustrative designs.

Posters in the exhibition were collected from the second class project: designing an illustrative travel poster. For that project, each student first chose a favorite place for the travel poster, real or imaginary. Then, they went through a design process of researching graphic styles, sketching, detailing, computer digitizing and coloring, and final printing. In terms of design tools, students mainly used Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to create these posters.

Lei Zhang

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