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Anthony A. Peguero: Gender, immigration, and school victimization

    School bullying

It is well established that violence can seriously lead to mental health disorders, disrupt interpersonal social relationships, derail educational progress, and negatively impact life-course trajectories for youth. Despite the prevalence and problems associated with youth violence, studies that examine the disparities linked to race and ethnicity, immigration, and gender in relationship to the exposure and consequences of violence for youth are underrepresented and limited. Dr. Peguero’s research agenda is focused on addressing the gap in the sociological, criminological, and educational research literature in the pursuit of ameliorating the likelihood of violence, as well as the consequences, for marginalized and vulnerable youth populations.

Given that the US is becoming more diverse and globally interconnected, addressing the inequities due to race, ethnicity, gender, and immigration is imperative. Establishing and sustaining socially just practices and policies in US institutions, such as schools and the criminal justice system, to ensure democratic relationships within and outside of US borders is imperative. This initiative drives Dr. Peguero’s current and future program of research. It is imperative to link criminological research on the risk and protective factors of violence, sociological research on stratification and inequality, and educational research on achievement and attainment in order to facilitate access and success for marginalized youth. While Dr. Peguero’s work focuses on how violence contributes to social inequalities, this area of research is still in its infancy and future research will continue to incorporate interdisciplinary approaches to further this line of inquiry.

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Anthony A. Peguero

    Anthony A. Peguero

Anthony A. Peguero is an assistant professor of Sociology and research affiliate of the Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention at Virginia Tech. His research interests involve adolescent violence, socialization and marginalization, school bullying, race and ethnicity, and the adaptation of the children immigrants. He serves as on the editorial board for the journal of Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice and the Crime and Deviance Section of Sociology Compass. Dr. Peguero is also a member of the Racial Democracy, Crime, and Justice Network which holds the dual goals of advancing research on the intersection of race, crime and justice and of promoting racial democracy within the study of these issues by supporting junior scholars from under-represented groups.

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