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VT Faculty Authors Recognition 2006

Agriculture & Life Sciences 

VT Author(s)TitleYear
Boyle, Kevin J.Valuing ecosystem services: toward better environmental decision making2005
Geor, Raymond J.Equine sports medicine and surgery2004
Norton, George W.Globalizing integrated pest management: a participatory research process2005
Orden, DavidFood regulation and trade: toward a safe and open global food system2004
Peterson, Everett B.Aconomic analysis, final rule: allowed fresh hass avocados from approved municipalities in Michoacan, Mexico...2004


Architecture & Urban Studies 

VT Author(s)TitleYear
Knox, Paul L.Urbanization : an introduction to urban geography2005
Levy, John M.Contemporary urban planning (7th ed)2005
Steiss, Alan WalterStrategic facilities planning: capital budgeting and debt administration2005



VT Author(s)TitleYear
Badawy, MichaelDeveloping managerial skills in engineers and scientists (2nd Japanese ed.)2004
Billingsley, RandallUnderstanding arbitrage: an intuitive approach to investment analysis2005
Cobb, A.T.Leading project teams: an introduction to the basics of project management and project team leadership2005
Connerley, Mary L.Leadership in a diverse and multicultural environment: developing awareness, knowledge, and skills2005
Coupey, EloiseDigital business: concepts and strategy2004
Keown, ArthurFoundations of finance: the logic and practice of financial management (5th ed)2005
Keown, ArthurFinancial management: principles and applications (7th ed)2004
Neck, Christopher P.Fit to lead: the proven 8-week solution for shaping up your body, your mind, and your career2004
Neck, Christopher P.Mastering self-leadership: empowering yourself for personal excellence (3rd ed)2004
Shepard, Jon M.Sociology (9th ed)2004
Singal, VijayBeyond the random walk: a guide to stock market anomalies and low risk investing2004
Sirgy, M. JosephCasebook to accompany shopper, buyer, and consumer behavior2004
Sirgy, M. JosephCommunity quality-of-life indicators: best cases2004
Sirgy, M. JosephIntegrated marketing communications: a systems approach2004
Sirgy, M. JosephShopper, buyer, and consumer behavior (3rd ed)2005
Taylor, BernardIntroduction to management science (8th ed)2004
Wokutch, RichardRising above sweatshops: innovative management approaches to global labor challenges2003



VT Author(s)TitleYear
Batra, RomeshElements of contiuum mechanics2005
Blanchard, Benjamin S.System engineering management2004
Bouguettaya, Athamn14th international workshop on data engineering2004
Bowman, D.3D User Interfaces: theory and practice2005
Corcoran, Sean G.Thin films: stresses and mechanical properties X2003
Dankowicz, HarryMultibody mechanics and visualization2005
Duncan, J. MichaelSoil strength and slope stability2005
Fox, Edward A.Digital libraries: implementing strategies and sharing experiences2005
Fox, Edward A.Digital libraries: international collaboration and cross-fertilization2004
Fox, Edward A.Electronic theses and dissertations: A sourcebook for educators, students, and libraries2004
Ha, DougIEEE International SOC conference proceedings2004
Hyer, MichaelComposites part A: Applied science and manufacturing (Vol. 36, Issue 10 )2005
Inman, DanielDamage prognosis: for aerospace, civil, and mechanical systems2005
Kachroo, PushkinMobile robotic car design2005
Lebrescu, LiviuThin-walled composite beams: Theory and applications2005
Murray, Thomas M.Extended end-plate moment connections: Seismic and wind applications (2nd ed)2004
Nachlas, Joel A.Reliability engineering: Probabilistic models and maintenance methods2005
Nayfeh, Ali H.Linear and nonlinear structural mechanics2004
Reed, Jeffrey H.An introduction to ultra wideband communication systems2005
Schneck, Daniel J.The music effect: Music physiology and clinical applications2006
Schneck, Daniel J.Searching2005
Tranter, William H.Principles of communication systems simulation with wireless applications2004
Tront, Joseph G.PSPICE for basic circuit analysis 
Watson, L.Proceedings of the 2005 high performance computing symposium2005


Liberal Arts and Human Sciences 

VT Author(s)TitleYear
Allen, K.Sourcebook of family theory and research2005
Beamish, Julia (also Kathy Parrott and JoAnn Emmel)Bath design, space planning, codes, guidelines and standards2005
Bishop, LloydComic literature in France: from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century2004
Bixler, Jacqueline EyringSediciosas Seducciones: sexo, Poder y Palabras en el Teatro de Sabina Berman2004
Brians, Craig L.Empirical political analysis: research methods in political science2005
Burian, Richard M.The epistemology of development, evolution, and genetics : selected essays2005
Cennamo, K.Real world instructional design2005
Davis, William C.Lone star rising: the revolutionary birth of the Texas Republic2004
Davis, William C.The pirates Laffitte: the treacherous world of the corsairs of the Gulf2005
Davis, William C.Secret history of Confederate diplomacy abroad2005
Davis, William C. (and James I. Robertson)Virginia at war, 18612005
Denton, Robert2004 Presidential campaign: a communication perspective2005
Denton, RobertLanguage, symbols, and the media: communication in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack2004
Ekirch, A. RogerAt day's close: night in times past2005
Ewing, E. ThomasRevolution and pedagogy: interdisciplinary and transnational perspectives on educational foundations2005
Falco, EdwardIn the park of culture (fiction)2005
Falco, EdwardSabbath night in the church of the piranha: new and selected stories (fiction)2005
Fishwick, MarshallProbing popular culture on and off the Internet2004
Fu, V.R.Teaching as inquiry: rethinking curriculum in early childhood education2005
Gardner, ThomasJorie Graham: essays on the poetry2005
Gil, ElianaCultural issues in play therapy2005
Giovanni, NikkiPainter and poet: exhibition catalog: the wonderful world of Ashley Bryan2005
Giovanni, NikkiPoetry speaks to children2006
Giovanni, NikkiRosa (children's story)2005
Gueye, MedouneAnimata Sow Fall: Oralite et Societe dans L'oeuvre Romanesque2005
Hicok, BobInsomnia Diary (poetry)2004
Hult, Karen M. (and Charles E. Walcott)Empowering the White House: governance under Nixon, Ford and Carter2004
Kincade, Doris H.Merchandising math: a managerial approach2004
Kincade, Doris H.Sewn product quality: a management perspectivein press
Lazenby, RolandThe show: The inside story of the Los Angeles Lakers in the words of those who lived it2006
Lepczyk, B.Dance: Current selected research (vol. 5)2005
Lytton, Ruth H.A case approach to financial planning: writing a financial plan2005
Magliaro, S.G.Instructional design: a systematic approach for reflective practice2006
Mann, JeffLoving mountains, loving men2005
Nelson, AmyMusic for the revolution: musicians and power in early Soviet Russia2004
Papillon, Terry (translator)Isocrates II2004
Parrott, Kathy (and Julia Beamish and JoAnn Emmel)Kitchen design, space planning, codes, guidelines and standards2005
Piercy, F.Handbook for the clinical treatment of infidelity2005
Piercy, F.Research methods in family therapy (2nd ed)2005
Prince, StephenThe horror film2004
Prince, StephenMovies and meaning: An introduction to film (3rd ed)2004
Robertson, James I.Soldier of southwestern Virginia: The Civil War letters of Captain John Preston Sheffey2004
Rude, CarolynTechnical editing2006
Shrum, JudithTeacher's handbook: Contextualized language instruction (3rd ed)2005
Stivachtis, Yiannis A.Global governance and international security2005
Stivachtis, Yiannis A.Current issues in European integration2004
Ulloa, JustoGraded spanish reader: Primera etapa (4th ed)2005
Vazquez, Antonio A. FernandezHistoria, Ficcion y Exilio en las Novelas de Hilda Perera2004
Wallenstein, PeterBlue laws and black codes: Conflict, courts, and change in twentieth-century Virginia2004
Wallenstein, PeterFrom VPI to State University: President Marshall T. Hahn, Jr. and the transformation of Virginia Tech, 1962-19742004
Wallenstein, PeterVirginia's Civil War2004


Natural Resources 

VT Author(s)TitleYear
Richardson, Bonham C.Igniting the Caribbean's past: fire in British West Indian history2004
Scarpaci, Joseph L.Barrios and plazas: heritage tourism and globalization in the Spanish American Centro Historico2005



VT Author(s)TitleYear
Andrews, Robin M.Herpetology (3rd ed)2004
Ball, Joseph A.Current trends in operator theory and its applications2004
Cairns, John Jr.Eco-ethics and sustainability ethics, part 22004
Cairns, John Jr.My quest for sustainable use of the planet2005
Costian, John K.Basic theory of exploration seismology2004
Gao, David Y.Complementarity, duality and symmetry in nonlinear mechanics2004
Glanville, James O.General chemistry for engineers2004
Heflin, James R.Introduction to nanoscale science and technology2004
Hinkelmann, KlausDesign and Analysis of Experiments, Vol. 2: Advanced Experimental Design2005
Kohler, Werner E.Elementary differential equations (2nd ed.)2006
Kreig, Noel R.Bergey's manual of systematic bacteriology (vol. 2, parts A, B, and C)2005
Minic, DjordjeIn search for another miraculous year: from 1905, Einstein's Annus Mirabilis, to the frontiers of 21st century physics (in Serbian)2005
Newton, W.E.Biological nitrogen fixation, sustainable agriculture and the environment2005
Newton, W.E.Catalysts for nitrogen fixation2004
Newton, W.E.Genetics and regulation of nitrogen fixation in free-living bacteria2004
Newton, W.E.Genomes and genomics of nitrogen-fixing organisms2005
Newton, W.E.Nitrogen fixation in agriculture, forestry, ecology and the environment2005
Ollendick, Thomas H.Phobic and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents2004
Porter, D.M.The correspondence of Charles Darwin. Volume 14: 18662004
Porter, D.M.The correspondence of Charles Darwin. Volume 15: 18672005
Renardy, MichaelAn introduction to partial differential equations2004
Shaw, J.K.Mathematical principles of optical fiber communications2004
Storrie, B. (and Eric A. Wong, Richard A. Walker, Glenda Gillaspy, Muriel Lederman, and Jill C. Sible)Working with molecular cell biology: a student companion2004
Takeuchi, TatsuNo equations! relativity illustrated (in Japanese)2005


Veterinary Medicine 

VT Author(s)TitleYear
Shires, Peter K.The 5-minute veterinary consult: canine and feline specialty handbook: musculoskeletal disorders2006

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