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VT Faculty Authors Recognition 2007

Agriculture & Life Sciences 

VT Author(s)TitleYear
Houston, Michael E.Biochemistry primer for exercise science2006
Marriott, Norman G.Principles of food sanitation2004
Norton, George W.Economics of agricultural development: world food systems and resource use2006
Schlenker, Eleanor D.Williams' essentials of nutrition and diet therapy2007
Schultz, PeterBest plants for Hampton Roads2006


Architecture & Urban Studies 

VT Author(s)TitleYear
Browder, John O.Rainforest cities 
Setareh, Mehdi, and Robert DarvasConcrete structures2007
Hodge, GraemePrivatization and market development2006
Hodge, Graeme, and Carsten GreveThe challenge of public-private partnerships (online version)2005
Knox, Paul L.Places and regions in global context: human geography2007
Knox, Paul L.Urban social geography: an introduction2006
Knox, Paul L.Urbanization: an introduction to urban geography2005
Levy, John M.Contemporary urban planning (7th edition)2006
Toal, GeraldThe geopolitics reader2006



VT Author(s)TitleYear
Billingsley, RandallUnderstanding arbitrage: an intuitive approach to investment analysis2005
Cobb, A.T.Leading project teams: an introduction to the basics of project management and project team leadership2005
Keown, ArthurFoundations of finance: the logic and practice of financial management (5th ed)2005
Ragsdale, Cliff T.Spreadsheet modeling and decision analysis: a practical introduction to management science2007
Russell, Roberta S.Operations management2006
Sirgy, M. JosephCommunity quality-of-life indicators: best cases2004



VT Author(s)TitleYear
Barker, Richard M.Design of highway bridgesNA
Batra, L.F.Proceedings of the international conference on mechanical engineering and mechanics 20052006
Batra, RomeshElements of continuum mechanics2005
Blanchard, Benjamin S.System engineering management2004
Bostian, Charles W., and Allen B. MacKenzie, James O. Neel, Jeffrey H. Reed, and Thomas W. RondeauCognitive radio technology2006
Bowman, Doug A.3D User Interfaces: theory and practice2005
Buehrer, R.M.Code division multiple access2006
Clark, David E.Microwave solutions for ceramic engineers2005
DaSilva, Luiz (with MacKenzie)Game theory for wireless engineers2006
Dillard, D.A.Fracture mechanics of adhesive bondsNA
Dowling, Norman E.Mechanical behavior of materials: engineering methods for deformation, fracture and fatigue2007
Hendricks, Robert W.Lab-in-a-box: introductory experiments in electric circuits2007
Inman, Daniel J. (with C.R. Farrar, V. Steffan, and V. Lopes)Damage prognosis: for aerospace, civil, and mechanical systems2005
Inman, Daniel J.Vibration with control2006
Jones, Robert M.Buckling of bars, plates, and shells2006
Keyes, JessicaKnowledge management, business intelligence, and content management: the IT practitioner's guide2006
Kleiner, B.M.Human factors in organizational design and management VIII2005
Lebrescu, LiviuThin-walled composite beams: theory and applications2005
MacKenzie, Allen (with DaSilva)Game theory for wireless engineers2006
Masad, Eyad (with Wang)Asphalt concrete: simulation, modeling, and experimental characterization : proceedings of the R. Lytton Symposium on Mechanics of Flexible Pavements2006
Mitchell, James K.Fundamentals of soil behavior2005
Nachlas, Joel A.2005 annual reliability and maintainability symposium totorial notesNA
Nachlas, Joel A.Reliability engineering: Probabilistic models and maintenance methods2005
Poon, Ting-ChungEngineering optics with Matlab2006
Sherali, Hanif D.Linear programming and network flows2005
Sherali, Hanif D.Nonlinear programming : theory and algorithms2006
Tront, Joseph G.PSPICE for basic circuit analysis2004
Wang, Linbing (with Masad)Asphalt concrete: simulation, modeling, and experimental characterization : proceedings of the R. Lytton Symposium on Mechanics of Flexible Pavements2006


Liberal Arts and Human Sciences 

VT Author(s)TitleYear
Alexander, M. DavidAmerican public school law2005
Allen, Barbara L.Resilient metropolis: the emerging role for universities 
Anderson, LindaA place in the story: servants and service in Shakespeare's plays2005
Billingsley, BonnieCultivating and keeping committed special education teachers : what principals and district leaders can do2005
Bryant, Clifton21st century sociology 
Bugh, Glenn R.The Cambridge companion to the Hellenistic world2006
Burian, Richard M.The epistemology of development, evolution, and genetics : selected essays2005
Calasanti, Toni M.Age matters: realigning feminist thinking2006
Cennamo, KatherineReal world instructional design2005
Creighton, Theodore B.Schools and data: the educator's guide for using data to improve decision making2007
Davis, William C.The pirates Laffitte: the treacherous world of the corsairs of the Gulf2005
Davis, William C.Secret history of Confederate diplomacy abroad2005
Davis, William C. (and James I. Robertson)Virginia at war, 18612005
Denton, Robert E.2004 Presidential campaign: a communication perspective2005
Denton, Robert E.Moral leadership and the American presidency2005
Ekirch, A. RogerAt day's close: night in times past2005
Ewing, E. Thomas (with Hicks)Education and the Great Depression: lessons from a global history2006
Ewing, E. ThomasRevolution and pedagogy: interdisciplinary and transnational perspectives on educational foundations2005
Falco, EdwardIn the park of culture2005
Falco, EdwardSabbath night in the church of the piranha: new and selected stories2005
Falco, EdwardWolf point2005
Fernandez Vazquez, Antonio A.Historia, Ficcion y Exilio en las Novelas de Hilda Perera2004
Gardner, ThomasA door ajar: contemporary writers and Emily Dickinson2006
Gardner, ThomasJorie Graham: essays on the poetry2005
George, DianaCompositions Virginia Tech: written, spoken, and visual communication2006
George, DianaReading culture: contexts for critical reading and writing2007
Giovanni, NikkiRosa (children's story)2005
Gueye, MedouneAnimata Sow Fall: Oralite et Societe dans L'oeuvre Romanesque2005
Halfon, SaulThe Cairo consensus2007
Hicks, David (with Ewing)Education and the Great Depression: lessons from a global history2006
Hill, Lynn T. (with Victoria Fu)Teaching as inquiry: rethinking curriculum in early childhood education2005
Hirt, Joan B.Where you work matters: student affairs administration at different types of institutions2006
Kilkelly, Ann (with Leonard)Performing communities: grassroots ensemble theaters deeply rooted in eight U.S. communities2006
Kuypers, JimThe art of rhetorical criticism2005
Kuypers, JimBush's war: media bias and justifications for war in a terrorist age2006
Lazenby, RolandThe show: The inside story of the Los Angeles Lakers in the words of those who lived it2006
Leonard, Robert H. (with Kilkelly)Performing communities: grassroots ensemble theaters deeply rooted in eight U.S. communities2006
Lepczyk, B.Dance: Current selected research (vol. 5)2005
Magliaro, Susan G.Instructional design: a systematic approach for reflective practice2006
Mann, JeffLoving mountains, loving men2005
Mann, JeffOn the tongue2006
Mollin, MarianRadical pacifism in modern America: egalitarianism and protest2006
Nespor, JanTechnology and the politics of instruction2006
Piercy, FredHandbook of the clinical treatment of infidelity2005
Piercy, FredResearch methods in family therapy (2nd ed)2005
Porter, Duncan M.The correspondence of Charles Darwin: Volume 15: 1867 
Robertson, James I.Robert E. Lee: Virginia soldier, American citizen(juvenile)2005
Rude, CarolynTechnical editing2006
Salaita, StevenAnti-Arab racism in the USA: where it comes from and what it means for politics today2006
Salaita, StevenArab American literary fictions, cultures, and politics2007
Salaita, StevenThe Holy Land in transit: colonialism and the quest for Canaan2006
Shadle, Brett LindsayGirl cases: marriage and colonialism in Gusiiland, Kenya, 1890-19702006
Shoemaker, Donald J.Juvenile justice: a reference handbook2005
Shoemaker, Donald J.Theories of delinquency: an examination of explanations of delinquent behavior2005
Shrum, JudithTeacher's handbook: Contextualized language instruction (3rd ed)2005
Sorrentino, PaulStephen Crane remembered2006
Sorrentino, PaulStudent companion to Stephen Crane2006
Stahl, J.D.Crosscurrents of children's literature: an anthology of texts and criticism2007
Stubbs, John CaldwellFederico Fellini as auteur: seven aspects of his films2006
Stubbs, John CaldwellThe variorum edition of the poetry of John Donne: the holy sonnets (volume 7, part 1)1995
Tedesco, John C. (with Williams)The Internet election: perspectives on the web in campaign 20042006
Ulloa, JustoGraded spanish reader: Primera etapa (4th ed)2005
Wallenstein, PeterVirginia's Civil War2004
Wallenstein, PeterCradle of America: four centuries of Virginia history (in press, due in February)2007
West, DavidFritz Muller: a naturalist in Brazil2003
Williams, Andrew Paul (with Tedesco)The Internet election: perspectives on the web in campaign 20042006


Natural Resources 

VT Author(s)TitleYear
Araman, Phillip (with Wynne)ALOG user's manual: a guide to using the spreadsheet-based Artificial Log Generator2005
Boyer, JohnPlaid Avenger's world2006
Campbell, James B.Introduction to remote sensing2006
Egertsdotter, UlrikaAccelerated Stem Growth Rates and Improved Fiber Properties of Loblolly Pine: Functional Analysis Of CyclinD from Pinus taeda2005
Hull, R. BruceInfinite nature2006
Neves, Richard J.Survey for the newly discovered Dan spinymussel in the Dan, Mayo, and South Mayo Rivers, Virginia2005
Owens, Brent E.Petrology: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic2006
Prisley, SteveProceedings of the 5th Southern Forestry and Natural Resources GIS Conference2006
Scarpaci, Joseph L.Plazas and barrios: heritage tourism and globalization in the Spanish American Centro Historico2005
Scarpaci, Joseph L (and Kevin J. Patrick)Pittsburgh and the Appalachians: cultural and natural resources in a postindustrial age2006
Schuler, Albert T.Value-added wood products market, 2001-2003 (reprint)2006
Seiler, John R. (and John A. Peterson)Woody plants in North America: a multimedia tutorial (available online only in Newman Library)2000
Trauger, David L. (with Allen)Resilient metropolis: the emerging role for universities 
Wynne, Randolph (with Araman)ALOG user's manual: a guide to using the spreadsheet-based Artificial Log Generator2005
Youngs, Robert L.Scientific writing in English for Chinese authors2005



VT Author(s)TitleYear
Berselli, L.C. (with Iliescu)Mathematics of large eddy simulation of turbulent flows2006
Bornstein, Marc H. (with Lansford and Deater-Deckard)Immigrant familes in contemporary society (in press, due in May)2007
Deater-Deckard, Kirby (with Bornstein and Lansford)Immigrant familes in contemporary society (in press, due in May)2007
Geller, E. ScottPeople-based safety: the source2005
Geller, E. ScottTeaching excellence at a research-centered university: energy, empathy, and engagement in the classroom2007
Geller, E. ScottThe anatomy of medical error : preventing harm with people-based patient safety2007
Geller, E. ScottThe power of friendship : Dick Sanderson's positive fight with ALS2006
Iliescu, T. (with Berselli)Mathematics of large eddy simulation of turbulent flows2006
Johnson, Lee (with Kohler)Elementary differential equations (2nd ed.)2006
Kohler, Werner E. (with Johnson)Elementary differential equations (2nd ed.)2006
Lansford, Jennifer E. (with Bornstein and Deater-Deckard)Immigrant familes in contemporary society (in press, due in May)2007
Law, Richard D.Channel flow, ductile extrusion and exhumation in continental collision zones2006
Miller, Orson K.North American mushrooms: a field guide to edible and inedible fungi2006
Roffman, Roger A.Cannabis dependence: its nature, consequences, and treatment2006
Sinha, A. KrishnaGeoinformatics: data to knowledge2006
Stephens, Robert S.Cannabis dependence: its nature, consequences, and treatment2006
Tideman, NicolausCollective decisions and voting : the potential for public choice2006
Tracy, Robert J.Petrology: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic2006
Vining, GeoffreyIntroduction to linear regression analysis2006
Xiao, ShuhaiNeoproterozoic geobiology and paleobiology2006


Veterinary Medicine 

VT Author(s)TitleYear
Holladay, StevenDevelopmental immunotoxicology2005
Panciera, David L.Endocrinology for the small animal practitioner2006
Wilcke, JeffFDA-approved animal drug products (2005 edition)2006
Zajac, Anne M.Veterinary clinical parasitology2006


Other Administrative Units 

VT Author(s)TitleYear
Ball, HeatherCore competencies & core curricula for the art library and visual resources professions2006
Moore, Keith M.Conflict, social capital and managing natural resources: a West African case study2006
Setubal, J.C. (with Verjovski-Almeda)Advances in bioinformatics and computational biology2005
Verjovski-Almeda, S. (with Setubal)Advances in bioinformatics and computational biology2005
Younos, TamimTotal maximum daily load : approaches and challenges2005

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