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VT Faculty Authors Recognition 2009

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

VT AuthorTitleYear
Akers, R. MichaelAnatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals2008
Denbow, D. MichaelAnatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals2008
Hanigan, Mark D.Mathematical Modeling in Nutrition and Agriculture2007
Hong, ChuanxuePhytophthora: Identifying Species by Morphology and DNA Fingerprints (Spiral-bound)2008
You, WenTime Well Spent: How Watching Time Can Reduce the Chances of Having Overweight Children2008

College of Architecture & Urban Studies

VT AuthorTitleYear
Breitschmid, MarkusSignificance of the Idea in the Architecture of Valerio Olgiati (Die Bedeutung der Idee in der Architektur von Valeio Olgiati)2008
Breitschmid, MarkusThree architects in Switzerland : Beat Consoni, Morger & Degelo, Valerio Olgiati2008
Cook, Brian J.Democracy and Administration: Woodrow Wilson's Ideas and the Challenges of Public Management2007
Dunaway, WilmaWomen, Work and Family in the Antebellum Mountain South2008
Dyck, Robert G.The New Science of Sustainability: Building a Foundation for Great Change2008
Knox, Paul L.Geography of the World Economy, 5th edition2008
Knox, Paul L.Humangeographie, 2nd edition2008
Knox, Paul L.Metroburbia, USA2008
Knox, Paul L.Urbanization, Chinese language edition2008
Pearce, Annie R.Your Role in the Green Environment2008
Randolph, JohnEnergy for Sustainability: Technology, Planning, Policy2008

College of Engineering

VT AuthorTitleYear
Batra, Romesh C.Proceedings of the International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics2008
Gabler, H. ClayEvent Data Recorders: A Decade of Innovation2008
Gao, David YAdvances in Applied Mathematics and Global Optimiztion: In Honor of Gilbert Strang2009
Hyer, Michael W.Stress Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials2009
Inman, Daniel J.Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, Computional Edition2008
Julian, MaureenFoundations of Crystallography with Computer Applications2008
Koelling, C. PatrickEngineering Economy 14th Edition2009
Lee, Fred C.Distributed Power Systems Front-End Converters: Power Factor Correction and Isolated Converters, Volume XIV2008
Lee, Fred C.Distributed Power Systems: Point-of-Load Converters, Volume XV2008
Liu, Y. A.Step-Growth Polymerization Process Modeling and Product Design2008
Nachlas, Joel A.January 2007 Proceedings of the Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, IEEE2007
Nachlas, Joel A.January 2008 Proceedings of the Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, IEEE2008
Nachlas, Joel A.Probability Models in Operations Research2008
Oyama, S. TedMechanisms in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Epoxidation Catalysis2008
Phadke, A. G.Synchronized Phasor Measurement and Their Applications2008
Ross, Shane D.Dynamical Systems, the Three-Body Problem and Space Mission Design2008
Sherali, Hanif D.Advances in Applied Mathematics and Global Optimiztion: In Honor of Gilbert Strang2009
Shukla, Sandeep K.C-Based Design of Heterogeneous Embedded Systems2008
Shukla, Sandeep K.Ingredients for Successful System Level Design Methodology2008
Taylor, Jr., G. DonIntroduction to Logistics Engineering2008
Thorp, James S.Synchronized Phasor Measurement and Their Applications2008
van Wyk, DaanBook 1: Systems-Bases Power Electronics Integration Technology, Volume XIII2008
van Wyk, DaanBook 2: Systems-Bases Power Electronics Integration Technology, Volume XIII2008
van Wyk, DaanConducted EMI and Power Electronics: Characterization and Mitigation, Volume XII2008
Xu, MingDistributed Power Systems Front-End Converters: Power Factor Correction and Isolated Converters, Volume XIV2008
Xu, MingDistributed Power Systems: Point-of-Load Converters, Volume XV2008

College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

VT AuthorTitleYear
Abeysekara, AnandaThe Politics of Pastsecular Religion: Mourning Secular Futures2008
Adler, JohnPulse2008
Boucouvalas, MarcieEducation for Millennium Development2008
Brians, Craig L.Empirical Political Analysis: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods2008
Britt, BrianReligion, Gender, and Culture in the Premodern World2007
Davis, William C.Virginia at War, 18632008
Denton, Jr., Robert E.Persuasion and Influence in American Life, 6th ed.2009
Eska, Joseph F.Law, Literature and Society2008
Evia, CarlosOutsourceing Technical Communication: Issues, Policies, and Practices2008
Fine, ElizabethApplied Communication in Organization and International Contexts: Proceedings of the XX International Colloquium on Communication2008
Fine, ElizabethSoulstepping : African American Step Shows2007
Gabriele, MatthewThe Legend of Charlemagne in the Middle Ages: Power, Faith, and Crusade2008
Garrison, JimReconstructing Democracy, Recontextualizing Dewey: Pragmatism and Interactive Constructivism in the Twenty-First Century2008
Giovanni, NikkiHip Hop Speaks to Children2008
Giovanni, NikkiLincoln and Douglass: An American Friendship2008
Graham, Peter W.Jane Austen & Charles Darwin: Naturalists and Novelists2008
Kajder, SaraGuiding learning with Technology2008
Kuypers, Jim APolitics and Communication in America: Campaigns, Media, and Governing in the 21st Century2008
Lavin, ChadThe Politics of Responsibility2008
Lepczyk, BillieDance: Current Selected Research, Volume 62007
Luke, Timothy W.There is a Gunman on Campus: Tragedy and Terror at Virginia Tech2008
Mann, JeffEdge: Travels of an Appalachian Leather Bear2008
Miley, JamesPulse2008
Noirot-Maguire, CorinneRevelations of Character: Ethos, Rhetoric and Moral Philosophy in Montaigne2007
Pourchot, GeorgetaEurasia rising : democracy and independence in the post-Soviet space2008
Rich, RichardEmpirical Political Analysis: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods2008
Robertson, Jr., James I.Virginia at War, 18632008
Salaita, StevenThe Uncultured Wars: Arabs, Muslims, and the Poverty of Liberal Thought2008
Shifflett, CrandallJohn Washington's Civil War: A Slave Narrative2008
Shoemaker, DonaldJuvenile Delinquency2009
Sovacool, Benjamin K.Dirty Energy Dilemma: What's Blocking Clean Power in the United States2008
Squires, MichaelD. H. Lawrence and Frieda: a Portrait of Love and Loyalty2008
Stahl, J. D.Climbing Daddy Mountain2007
Stivachtis, YannisGlobal Affairs in a Turbulent World: Perspectives and Controversies2008
Stivachtis, YannisTurkey-European Union Relations: Dilemmas, Opportunities, and Constraints2008
Teichler-Zallen, DorisTo Test or Not To Test: A Guide to Genetic Screening and Risk2008
Trent, TiffanyHallowmere: Between Golden Jaws (Book 3)2008
Trent, TiffanyHallowmere: Maiden of the Wolf (Book 4)2008
Trent, TiffanyHallowmere: Oracle of the Morrigan (Book 6)2008
Trent, TiffanyHallowmere: Queen of the Masquerade (Book 5)2008
Vollmer, MatthewFuture Missionaries of America2009
Voros, GyorgyiUnwavering: Poems2007
Waggenspack, Beth M.Communication: Principles of Tradition and Change2009
Wallenstein, PeterCradle of America: Four Centuries of Virginia History2007

College of Nature Resources

VT AuthorTitleYear
Alvarez, MilaThe State of America's Forest2007
Brown, Ellen A.From Jamestown to Blacksburg, The Path to the College of Natural Resources at Virginia Tech2007
Edgar, KevinPolysaccharide Materials: Performance by Design2009
Kirwan, JeffRemarkable Trees of Virginia2008

College of Science

VT AuthorTitleYear
Clum, George A.Handbook of Self-Help Therapies2008
Dolan, ErinEducation, Outreach and Public Engagement2008
Geller, E. ScottPeople-based patient safety: Enriching your Culture to Prevent Medical Error2007
Geller, E. ScottThe Courage Factor: Leading People-Based Culture Change2009
Good, I. J.Good Book: Thirty Years of Comments, Conjectures, and Conclusions2008
Irwin, RuthA Practical Guide to Containment: Plant Biosafety in Research Greenhouses2008
Konaté, DiallaMathematical modeling, simulatioln, visualization and e-Learning: Proceedings of an International workshop held at Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Conference Center, Milan, Italy, 20062008
Lloyd, Gwendolyn M.Mathematics teachers at work: Connecting Curriculum Materials and Classroom Instruction2009
Lowell, BobMagma to Microbe: Modeling Hydrothermal Processes at Oceanic Spreading Centers2008
Newton, William E.Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Towards Poverty Alleviation through Sustainable Agriculture: Proceedings of the 15th Internatioanal Nitrogen Fixation Congress and the 12th International Conference of the African Association for Biological Nitrogen Fixation2007
Sharpe, EricAdvances in String Theory2007
Smith, Eric P.Good Book: Thirty Years of Comments, Conjectures, and Conclusions2008

College of Veterinary Medicine

VT AuthorTitleYear
White, NathanielEquine Acute Abdomen2008

Other administrative units

VT AuthorTitleYear
Bernhard, MarkCases in Government Succession Planning: Action-Oriented Strategies for Public-Sector Human Capital Management, Workforce Planning, Succession Planning and Talent Management2008
Christie, Maria ElisaKitchenspace : women, fiestas, and everyday life in central Mexico2008
McCollum, Eric E.More Than Miracles: The State of the Art in Solution Focused Brief Therapy2007
Purcell, AaronWhite Collar Radicals: TVA's Knoxville Fifteen, the New Deal, and the McCarthy Era2009
Roberto, Karen A.Community resources for older adults: Programs and services in an era of change (3rd, ed.)2008
Watson, C. EdwardSelf-efficacy and Diffusion Theory: Implications for Faculty Development2008

Pamplin College of Business

VT AuthorTitleYear
Keown, Arthur J.Foundations of Finance: Logic and Practice of Financial Management, 5th edition2008
Klock, Derek D.The Case Approach to Financial Planning: Writing a Financial Plan2008
Sirgy, M. JosephShopper, Buyer, and Consumer Behavior: Theory, Marketing Applications, and Public Policy2008

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