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DVD shelves between restrooms and reference desk

We have a growing collection of over 6200+ DVD titles. DVDs are searchable in Addison by title, actor/director, subject, and call number. You can also view a complete list of DVDs.

DVDs are sorted by the first letter of the title (as displayed on the cover, so some foreign language titles may be under a different letter than the English title). Within each letter, DVDs are sorts by call number. This means the latest additions to the collection can be found at the end of each letter.

The Ray Gaskins DVD collection was initiated in 2006 by Mr. Ray Gaskins for the purchase of DVDs and videos of classic and popular films. Dr. Ray Gaskins ('64) received his B.S in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Statistics from Virginia Tech before joining the faculty of Hampden Sydney College, where he now holds Emeritus status. His decision to financially support the film collection comes from his deep interest in cinema and his desire to see Virginia Tech's collection become one of the largest in the mid-Atlantic region.