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    Gale Artemis Primary Sources
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Artemis Primary Sources from Gale

Gale Artemis will release in a series of phases and will expand over the next few years. Gale started by migrating Eighteenth Century Collections Online and Nineteenth Century Collections Online into one research experience called Gale Artemis: Primary Sources. It now includes Sabin Americana, and The Making of the Modern World digitized collections.

Beyond combining ECCO’s power in monographs and NCCO’s strength in manuscripts, periodicals, photographs, and more, Gale Artemis: Primary Sources provides workflow tools and features that are brand new to your Gale Digital Collections – term clusters, term frequency and popularity, detailed subject indexing, annotation and tagging features, along with an easier and more dynamic search.

Subject indexing

Subject indexing aids content discovery across collections, drawing connections that simple search and retrieve cannot achieve. A standard keyword search can only retrieve a result if the search term is in the text. Subject indexing takes searching beyond these limitations, allowing users to discover content even if the search term is not explicitly present in the text.

For example, a search on "disease" would not normally retrieve a pamphlet that only mentions "influenza," even though the pamphlet is clearly on the subject of disease. However, with Artemis that article will have been indexed with the subject term "disease," and therefore be discoverable.

Term frequency

This allows users to see the frequency of their search term(s) in the content over time, which can suggest the importance of particular concepts during given periods. It allows users to ask new questions of historical data, e.g., Is there a connection between "bread" and "revolution"? Does the frequency of the word "Empire" coincide with the rise of the term "tragedy" and "comedy" in popular discourse?

Term clusters

Users can see terms that commonly occur in relation to their own search term, which helps uncover hidden connections, or can be a helpful starting point in the early stages of research. The term cluster for "disaster" might bring up related topics such as "Mining Disaster," "Fire," or "Earthquake," prompting users down different research paths.


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April 15, 2014


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