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This resource is restricted to Virginia Tech users only Contents of this resource available through Summon

CQ Press Political Reference Suite

CQ Press Political Reference Suite integrates many of CQ Press's acclaimed reference titles on government and politics into a user-friendly, electronic format that offers a number of Web-enabled features that makes navigating this wealth of content intuitive and easy.

Users can now access political reference content from CQ Press online by either searching or browsing the Reference Suite as a whole or by entering one of the online editions and beginning there. Web-exclusive features in the Reference Suite include:

  • Capability to search across all CQ Press Online Editions with a simple and robust quick search
  • Advanced search options that allow users to search by keyword across full texts or focus their search to certain topic areas
  • Multiple, customized browse options to help users locate and explore content
  • Easy-to-use interfaces with clean, inviting screen designs
  • Personalization options that save user profiles, document history, and searches
  • Links to available external resources
  • CiteNow!-An exclusive CQ Press feature that helps users easily download full citations in MLA, Chicago, Bluebook, and APA styles
  • Perpetual ownership rights for libraries, allowing full access to content for years to come

The home page of the Reference Suite displays only those online editions your library has access to, but the following online editions are also available in the Suite:

CQ Almanac

Year-by-year analysis on politics and policy in the U.S. Congress since 1945.

California Political Almanac 2005-2006

The best guide to politics and politicians in California.

Congress and the Nation Series

The definitive source for actions of the U.S. Congress since 1945.

The Contemporary Middle East

A documentary history of the Middle East since World War I.

Encyclopedia of the First Amendment

The essential reference source on First Amendment freedoms.

Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion

An exploration of the interconnections between politics and religion on an international level.

Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and Law

The definitive reference on the history of relations between the United States and Native Americans.

Guide to Congress

Facts, figures, and analysis on every aspect of the U.S. Congress and how it works.

Guide to Political Campaigns in America

A complete analysis of American political campaigns, including people, processes, races, and issues.

Guide to the Presidency

A guide to the structure and operations of the executive branch and the president's relationship with Congress and the Supreme Court.

Guide to U.S. Elections

Thorough historical and statistical coverage of every major aspect of federal and gubernatorial elections in the U.S.

Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court

A complete and thorough overview of every aspect of the Supreme Court.

Historic Documents Series

Key documents and analysis updated yearly since 1972.

International Military Alliances, 1648-2008

A chronicle of interstate alliances from the 1648 Peace of Westphalia through the early twenty-first century.

Political Handbook of the World

The most authoritative resource for political information on more than 200 countries.

Political History of America's Wars

A comprehensive, chronological narrative of 300 years of America's wars.

Politics in America

Lively, unbiased profiles and assessments of every member of Congress.

Supreme Court Compendium

The definitive source for data and statistics on the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Yearbook Series

Essential coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court - updated yearly since 1989.

TimesReference from CQ Press

New York Times reporting paired with expert historical analysis on a variety of government and public affairs topics.

Vital Statistics on American Politics

The complete, authoritative, data-rich resource on the full-spectrum of U.S. politics.

Vital Statistics on the Presidency

The definitive source for data and analysis on the American Presidency.

Washington Information Directory

The essential guide to key contacts at government agencies and national organizations.

A to Z Series

The CQ Press encyclopedias that explains the who, how, and what of U.S. government and politics.

  • Congress A to Z
  • Elections A to Z
  • Presidency A to Z
  • Supreme Court A to Z
  • U.S. Constitution A to Z


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September 13, 2010


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