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    ProQuest Statistical
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ProQuest Statistical Insight

ProQuest Statistical Insight not only encompasses a world of statistical information using one common interface, but it takes you directly to the data you need. Instead of relying on the limited capabilities of free-text searching, which is particularly ineffective with the tabular format of statistical data, or wading through large text documents only to find it does NOT have the statistics you need, ProQuest Statistical Insight allows you to go straight to the tables, or to easily find the right publication with the right key tables.

ProQuest Statistical Insight provides line-item access to over 1,000,000 individually indexed tables, via the Tables Collection, as selected from the major statistical compilations and special studies issued by the federal government, private research firms, state governments, and intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). Up to 130,000 new tables are added yearly. All tables are available as images. Since 2006, all tables have been available in both image and Excel formats.

Find current social and economic statistics on such topics as:

  • Criminal offenses, arrests, prosecutions, prison population.
  • Employment by occupation and industry.
  • GDP and components.
  • Health condition, hospitalizations, health insurance coverage, deaths by cause.
  • Population and components of change.
  • School enrollment, dropouts, graduates, facilities.
  • Traffic accident fatalities and circumstances.
  • Child vaccination rates in developing countries.
  • Demographic characteristics of persons carpooling to work.
  • Federal funding for R&D since 1990.
  • Household food expenditures in relation to income.
  • Market share of major insurance companies.

These data are shown at various levels of geographic detail by US state.

ProQuest Statistical Insight includes the following features:

  • A one-search solution: Users are be able to search all of the content -- statistical publications from the three main products, tables, and DataSets – from the same form, with a single search.
  • Faceted search results: Data is filtered by data breakdowns (by age, by sex, etc.), issuing source, geographic area, subject (using the existing taxonomy), data date, and the presence of full text (spreadsheets, PDF documents, GIF table images, and DataSets).
  • Relevance ranking: Search results are ranked based on careful weighting of the XML content -- occurrences of search terms in titles, indexing notations of content, and the first paragraph of the abstract is given the most weight.
  • Unrestricted search size: There are no restrictions on the size of a search. Faceted results helping users to drill into and narrow down results.
  • User Accounts: Users are able to create an account so the system can recall and display their search history, and retrieve a particular document, table, or dataset. Users are not required to create an account to use the product; this is an optional enhancement available to help more advanced and frequent users.
  • Prior Editions: This feature provides a global view of a serial publication. Users can call up a list of all publications covered since the 1970s, then link to the abstracts. At the parent abstract level, the list includes all the reports in a series and all the periodical articles and features we have ever covered.
  • Batch Export Options: This feature allows users to export the items they have checked in the Search Results list. They can print formatted bibliographic citations (like APA format, for now), print an abbreviated abstract or the whole abstract, email up to 20 items, or export to EndNote or RefWorks. The email page will provide live links to the abstracts and full texts.
  • Boolean searching by keyword or subject, using quality ProQuest indexing.
  • Frequent updates: New data is loaded on a weekly basis.


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  • Federal statistical publications. 5,000 titles/year. Coverage from 1973; full text from 2004
  • State government and business statistical reports. 2,200 titles/year. Coverage from 1980; full text from 2007.
  • International statistical publications from the UN, OECD, EU, etc. 2,500 titles/year. Coverage from 1980. Full text
    from 2007.


May 22, 2012


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