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    SciFinder Scholar
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SciFinder Scholar

SciFinder continues to be the leading research tool to explore:

  • Current, high-quality scientific information with links to relevant journal articles, and patent documents
  • Substance information from the CAS REGISTRY, including experimental and predicted properties
  • Single- and multi-step reactions information
  • Commercial sources for substances
  • Regulated chemicals information
  • Markush Search

References include

  • Title
  • Author/editor/inventor
  • Company name/corporate source/patent assignee
  • Publication year
  • Source, publication, date, publisher, volume, issue, pagination, CODEN, ISSN
  • Patent identification, including patent, application, priority, and patent family information
  • Abstract of the article or patent
  • Indexing
  • Supplementary terms
  • Citations
  • Substances, sequences, and reactions discussed within the document

Substance information includes

  • Chemical name
  • CAS Registry Number®
  • Molecular formula
  • Structure diagram
  • Sequence information, including GenBank® and patent annotations
  • Property data, including spectral diagrams
  • Commercial source information from chemical supplier catalogs
  • Regulatory information
  • Editor notes
  • Documents in which the substance is referenced
  • Reactions in which the substance participates

Reaction data includes

  • Reaction diagrams, including reactants, products, reagents, catalysts, solvents, and step notes
  • Document in which the reaction is referenced
  • Additional substance details, reactions, references, regulatory information, and commercial source information for all reaction participants
  • Notes

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September 13, 2010

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SciFinder Scholar


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