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SimplyMap is web-based mapping and data analysis software that changes the way people use and interact with complex data, making it easy to create professional-quality thematic maps and reports using extensive demographic, business, and marketing data. SimplyMap was designed to extend the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) so that advanced technical skills are no longer needed to conduct complex data analysis and present that analysis in a compelling visual manner. Designed to be mastered in minutes, SimplyMap is true GIS made accessible to everyone.

Our subscriptions allows access to the EASI ® Standard Package, which includes data from the year 2000, 2010, Current Estimates and Five Year Projections.

The Standard Package incorporates the following data:

  • Demographic Variables
  • Retail Sales, Store Groups, and Food Service Variables
  • EASI Sales and Other Potential Variables
  • EASI Quality of Life Variables
  • Consumer Price Index Variables
  • General Employment (by Place of Work)
  • General Establishment (by Place of Work)
  • Detailed Employment (by Place of Work)
  • Detailed Establishments (by Place of Work)
  • Detailed Consumer Expenditure Variables
  • EASI Profile Variables
  • Ancestry Tabulations
  • D&B Points-of-Interest File

Create maps using thousands of data variables

SimplyMap lets non-technical users create professional quality maps for use in presentations, research reports, business plans, websites and more. With a single click you can update your map to display different datasets. Data variables can be viewed by State, Congressional District, County, City, ZIP Code, Census Tract, and Census Block Group, and you can customize every aspect of your maps, from the colors and boundaries to the number of data categories.

Robust data

SimplyMap includes access to over 70,000 data variables related to demographics, employment, real estate & housing, crime, businesses, consumer spending, lifestyles and attitudes, and points of interest.

Intuitive, detailed reports

SimplyMap’s intuitive report tool generates detailed custom reports for any location in the country. Add any type of location to the report, add individual data variables or entire groups of variables, and generate a report in seconds. Create a single report that compares hundreds of detailed data variables in multiple cities, ZIP Codes, or census tracts throughout the U.S.A. A single click from the report generates bar charts for a clear and concise visual display of the data.

Rank locations

Want to know the top 10 wealthiest ZIP codes in your state? How about the top 25 counties with the most elderly residents? These and similar questions are easily answered by ranking locations using any data variable in SimplyMap. Ranking is a valuable research tool that makes finding important locations quick and simple.

Export maps and data

Everything you do in SimplyMap can be exported in multiple formats for further customization and analysis. Create and export high resolution images that can be easily placed in Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, on websites, or any other application that displays common image formats. Generate and download large amounts of data or detailed reports as Excel, CSV, or DBF files. Advanced users can even export shapefiles for use in their own GIS software.

Advanced spatial queries and filters

Combine several variables together into a powerful filter to identify your perfect target locations. For example, find all areas with an average income over $100,000 AND where more than 20% of the residents are over age 65 AND where total spending on poultry is over $2,000. Once you have identified these key areas, quickly add them to a report to gain additional valuable insight into their characteristics.


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March 5, 2014


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