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This list includes databases in which you can begin many research topics. It includes databases catering to all levels of user, not just undergraduates. Content of these databases can include reference sources like encyclopedias or dictionaries; articles that give an overview of a topic, issue, controversy, or recent event; or that provide broad coverage to assist in narrowing or refining a research topic. After you have used these databases for background research on your topic, you can move on to more subject-specific databases.

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Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
Twayne's Authors from Gale
    Gale Virtual Reference Library
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Twayne's Authors from Gale

Twayne's Authors provides full-text ebooks in HTML and PDF (plus MP3) of nearly 900 literary criticism reference works. It covers author, their works, and literary movements from all time periods, but focuses on the 17th-20th centuries.  

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Aug 9, 2013 e1001643