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Music recordings and scores

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  • Scanned images of scores
  • Electronically produced scores (images, mp3, MIDI, etc)
  • Streaming music databases
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British Periodicals - Collections I and II from ProQuest
    ProQuest search screen
This resource is restricted to Virginia Tech users only Contents of this resource available through Summon

British Periodicals Collections I and II from ProQuest

British Periodicals is a collection of digitized periodicals covering the humanities, performing arts, history, science, architecture, and especially literature. Documents are available as high-resolution images and downloadable PDFs. Browse individual journals or search across the collection. All content is indexed, including advertising. Searches can be limited to multimedia types, including maps, illustrations, comics, photos, and music scores. 1681-1939.  

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Sep 13, 2010 e1000432