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Chemical and physical properties

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  • Predominantly covers resources that provide factual information about matter
  • Includes tables, formulas, chemical compounds and structures, etc.
  • Information about DNA, genes, and genomic maps
Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
dbGaP Database from NLM
    Entrez databases from NLM
This resource is freely accessible

dbGaP Database from NLM

The database of genotype and phenotype (dbGaP) stores phenotype and genotype data, as well as the associations between them. Data for dbGaP will include genome-wide association studies, medical sequencing, and molecular diagnostic assays. Summaries of phenotype and genotype data as well as study documents and association analyses (when available) will be found on the public site. Authorized access may be required for downloading coded individual-level phenotypes genotypes and pedigrees.

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Sep 13, 2010