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  • Predominantly resources where it only searches, or is possible to limit searches, to multimedia format types, including audio, video, and images, with a scholarly application
  • Scanned and electronically produced images of maps go here; GIS data appears in Statistics and data sets
  • Scanned images of music scores appear in Music Recordings and scores
Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
Maps and Illustration encyclopedias from Oxford Refernce Online
    Oxford Reference
This resource is restricted to Virginia Tech users only Sponsored by VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia Contents of this resource available through Summon database provides Get VText links

Maps and Illustration encyclopedias from Oxford Reference Online

Search or browse across three subject encyclopedias and dictionaries, including locator, physical and political maps for each country, over 120 island maps, state maps for North America, Canada, and Mexico, and more than 100 city maps. References are linked via Get VText.

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Sep 13, 2010 e1000118
MasterFILE Premier from EBSCOhost
    EBSCOhost interface
This resource is restricted to Virginia Tech users only Sponsored by VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia This resource provides a mobile interface; see description for link Screencast tutorials available for this resource database provides Get VText links

MasterFILE Premier from EBSCOhost

MasterFILE Premier indexes citations, abstracts, and full-text articles, books and reference works (including the World Almanac, American Heritage Dictionary, and Book of Facts), primary source documents, photos, maps, flags, biographies, book reviews from Magill Book Reviews, and news transcripts. Full text available in HTML, PDF, and some scanned image formats. You can limit to peer-reviewed sources.   

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Sep 13, 2010 e1000646
Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary
    Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary
This resource is freely accessible

Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary

When you know what something looks like but not what it's called, or when you know the word but can't picture the object, a visual dictionary is a quick solution. In a quick look, you can match the word to the image. In Merriam Webster's version, the image realistically and precisely shows an object, a process or a phenomenon, and the most significant details of its composition. It serves as a visual definition for each of the terms presented. Includes over 6000 images and 20,000 definitions

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Sep 13, 2010