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  • Broad searching across multiple disciplines and scholarly subscription databases or free web search engines
  • Broad searching across a family of databases with a common interface (federated searching)
  • Search results not restricted to a particular format
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VTechWorks institutional repository
This resource is freely accessible Screencast tutorials available for this resource Contents of this resource available through Summon Green open access - self archiving


VTechWorks is an OAI-compliant campus-wide repository for collecting, organizing, managing, preserving, and provide access to the intellectual output of Virginia Tech, including 'grey literature' in the form of technical reports, working paper series, conference proceedings, pre-prints, post-prints, theses and dissertations, videos, images, and datasets. Materials in the repository are full-text searchable and indexed by commercial search engines such as Google and Google Scholar. Digital objects are automatically assigned persistant URIs and we assign DOIs for eligible materials upon request.

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Sep 13, 2010 e1001414