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  • Predominantly resources where it only searches, or is possible to limit searches, to multimedia format types, including audio, video, and images, with a scholarly application
  • Scanned and electronically produced images of maps go here; GIS data appears in Statistics and data sets
  • Scanned images of music scores appear in Music Recordings and scores
Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
Wiley Current Protocols
    Wiley Digital Library
This resource is restricted to Virginia Tech users only Contents of this resource available through Summon database provides Get VText links

Wiley Current Protocols

Wiley provides full-text books on research methods and topical overviews in the life sciences in HTML and PDF. Complex procedures are clarified with illustrations, tables, data charts, diagrams, and videos.  

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Feb 7, 2012 e1001176
World Cinema Video Collection from Films on Demand
    Films on Demand
This resource is restricted to Virginia Tech users only

World Cinema Video Collection from Films on Demand

This database is on trial through March 25, 2015. Films on Demand offers almost 400 streaming videos of movies from around the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Please provide feedback on this database.

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Feb 23, 2015 e1001759 from OSTI
    WorldwideScience from OSTI
This resource is freely accessible from OSTI

WorldWideScience cross-searches over 60 national and international scientific databases and portals. Contents covered include full-text journal articles, theses and dissertations, reports, and multimedia. Results are returned in relevance-ranked order.

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Sep 13, 2010