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Aerial photos

2009//2011 Virginia Virginia Orthophotography
is now available through an  ArcGIS  Server web service. 

For ArcGIS DESKTOP users connecting for the first time:
                          1. Select ADD DATA
                          2.  Choose GIS SERVERS 
                          3.  Choose Add ArcGIS Services Servers
                          4. Use this URL:
                          5. Connect to “VBMP 2011” folder

2006/2007 Virginia Orthophotography

Available to Virginia Tech students and faculty/staff. In the Spring of 2008, the library acquired the digital orthophotography and digital terrain model for the entire Commonwealth and made it available through the University Libraries GIS Data Unit.


2005 Blacksburg Orthophotography

Blacksburg Digital Orthophotography was flown in the Spring of 2005. The Projected Coordinate System is NAD 1983 StatePlane Virginia_South_feet.

          2002 Virginia Orthophotography          
The State of Virginia has made the 2002 imagery free to the public. The Virginia Base Mapping Program  
         (VBMP) first acquired full color, leaf-off, aerial photography of the state during the spring of 2002. This 
         imagery can be downloaded from these sites:

           Radford University GIS Center - The GIS Center at Radford University makes 
         available VGIN    (Virginia Geographic Information Network) 2002 aerial 
         photography for the southern and northern halves of the Commonwealth 
         of Virginia. This data is available for free download via an ArcIMS server.

           USGS National Map Server - High Resolution Orthophotography Program

Maps Librarian

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  • Ed Brooks
  • GIS Specialist
  • 540-231-9225
  • Newman Library room 2030
    560 Drillfield Drive
    Blacksburg, VA 24061

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