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Ed Lener

Associate Director for Collection Management

  • College Librarian for the Sciences

Selected publications

Scripa, Allison J., Lener, Edward F., Gittens, Cheryl B. & Stovall, Connie (2012) The McNair Scholars Program at Virginia Tech: A unique model of librarian mentoring. Virginia Libraries 58 (3), 10-12.  Available open access at

Stovall, Connie, O’Brien, Leslie, & Lener, Edward (2012).  Virginia Tech’s participation in ASERL’s cooperative print journal retention project. In Charleston Conference Proceedings 2011.  Purdue, IL : Purdue University Press. Available open access at

Lener, Edward F. & Shrode, Flora G. (2012). Earth sciences. In C. Laguardia (Ed.), Magazines for Libraries, 21st edition, New Providence, NJ: ProQuest. In addition, all reviews are part of the Ulrichs Web Global Serials Directory (subscription-based) available online at:

Lener, Edward & Dillon, Cy (2010). Building a Better Model: Eric Frank on Flat World Knowledge. Virginia Libraries 56 (1), 5-9. Available open access at

Lener, Edward and Stovall, Connie (2010).  Never let a serials crisis go to waste: Building support for library collections at Virginia Tech.  In Charleston Conference Proceedings 2009. Charleston, SC : Against the Grain Press. Available open access at

Burke, Leslie D., Mayo, Jan, Lener, Edward F., Mellinger, Margaret & Johnson, Kay G. (2009). The Balance Point - Perspectives on Job Stress in the Serials Information World. Serials Review 35, (1), 35-41.

Lener, Edward F. (2008-). Earth Sciences. In Guide to Reference, American Library Association, Chicago, IL . Database is available online (subscription based) at

Ariew, Susan A. & Lener, Edward F. (2007). Evaluating Instruction: Developing a Program That Supports the Teaching Librarian. Research Strategies, 20 (4), 506-515.

Ariew, Susan A., Seamans, Nancy H., & Lener, Edward F. (2006). Using Formative Assessments to Evaluate Library Instruction and to Promote Collaboration: Moving Towards a Culture of Assessment. In T. Valko (Ed.), Discover, Connect, Engage: Creative Integration of Information Literacy. Ann Arbor, MI: Pierian Press.

Lener, Edward F., Pencek, Bruce E., & Ariew, Susan A. (2004). Raising the Bar: An Approach to Reviewing and Revising Standards for Professional Achievement for Library Faculty. College & Research Libraries, 65 (4), 287-300.

Turrentine, Cathryn G., Lener, Edward F., Young, Michelle L. & Kok, Victoria T. (2004). A Qualitative Approach to Upward Performance Evaluation: Pros and Cons. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 30 (4), 304-313.

Office hours

Mon-Fri by appointment

Courses taught

  • GRAD 5124 - Library Research Skills Physical Science and Engineering
  • CHEM 4014 - Survey of Chemical Literature
    Ed Lener

  • (540) 231-9249
  • (540) 231-2612 (Derring office)
  • 4030 Newman Library, 560 Drillfield Drive
    3066A Derring Hall, 1405 Perry St.
    Blacksburg, VA 24062