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Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews allows you to establish a profile and be emailed Table of Contents alerts, citation tracking alerts, and saved search alerts. First, you'll need to create a profile. You will receive an email confirming your username and password shortly after registering.

Once logged in, you can select for which journals to receive Table of Contents alerts.

To receive alerts when a particular review article is cited, look for the "Email notification" link between the article citation and the abstract.

To create a saved search alert, perform a search, then look for the Save This Search tab on the left of the search results. Simply give this search a name, choose how often you'd like the search results sent to you, and press save. Search results will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

After you have received an alert...

You can encounter two issues in received alerts:

Inability to access the item off campus

Make sure you are either connected to the VPN or through Off Campus Sign In.For the VPN, be sure to select the option to send all traffic through the VPN. Emailed links rarely include access through Off Campus Sign In,. but you can install the LibX browser extension, then either right-click the link in your browser and choose to follow the link via Off Campus Sign In, or go to the link, then right-click the page and reload it through Off Campus Sign In.

Inability to access the item through the publisher's site

You may be alerted to a new publication through a publisher's site, but we have access through a different source. If you cannot access the item even using Off Campus Sign In or the VPN, search the Journal Title Database to see if the journal issue is available through a different provider. For journal articles not available locally, submit a request through ILLiad.