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Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides email alerts for new content added to their index (they do not list which publishers provide content or the frequency with which that content is re-indexed). You can't create alerts for individual publications in Google Scholar; you should use the directions for Publisher alerts for individual journal alerts.

  1. For a simple alert, just run a Google Scholar search, click the search button, and get your results.
  2. Click the Envelope
  3. icon (top left side of the page). Here, you can make changes, if needed, click update
  4. button and a sample of results using 2010 results with the modified search query appear below. When you're set after deciding the amount you want returned, click Create Alert.
  5. You're then taken to your page of Google Scholar Alert page. If you want to modify the alert at this point, you'll need to click the cancel button and begin again.
  6. Alerts appear to work with all three content options:
    1. Traditional
    2. Google Scholar Content (with patents or without patents)
    3. Legal Documents and Journals
  7. For advanced Google searchers, most advanced syntax should also work in Google Scholar. The same goes for legal materials and patents. However, date limits do not work.

To be alerted to new cites of a specific paper:

  1. Find the paper(s) you want an alert for in the Google Scholar database.
  2. Included next to each result on a results page is the text cited by xx. Click that text. Now, simply click the envelope at the top of the page, decide on how many results you want (10 or 20) and your alert should be created.

After you have received an alert...

Once you are alerted to the existence of a journal issue or article, search the Journal Title Database to see if the journal issue is available online or physically in the library. For journal articles not owned locally or available electronically, submit a request through ILLiad.

If we do have access to the article, and you have received a direct link to it while off campus, use LibX's reload page through Off Campus Sign In menu.