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There are two kinds of alerts. The search alert allows searches to be saved, run anew, and notification sent regarding updated results. The publications alert (found on the Publications search page with similar properties) notifies of the latest available issues of a favorite publication. 

Simply run and refine a search, then look for the Set up alert link at the top of the results.

Below are some of the common features used in setting up alerts: 

  1. View sources that will be used in searching for the alert.
  2. Include either new materials only from a search, or choose to also receive historical information along with new materials from the search
  3. Schedule to receive alerts daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Stop the alert in as little as two weeks or as much as one year. Renew at any time.
  4. Provide email details, including email address, subject, and optional message.
  5. Select Text only or HTML format
  6. Click Set up alert button to save settings

After you have received an alert...

You can encounter two issues in received alerts:

Inability to access the item off campus

Now that VPN access to library resources has ended, the only way to access these outside the campus network is through Off Campus Sign In. Typically the links provided in alerts do not go through this proxy, but you can fix these links. Install the LibX browser extension, then either right-click the link in your browser and choose to follow the link via Off Campus Sign In, or go to the link, then right-click the page and reload it through Off Campus Sign In.

Inability to access the item through the publisher's site

You may be alerted to a new publication through a publisher's site, but we have access through a different source. If you cannot access the item even using Off Campus Sign In, search the Journal Title Database to see if the journal issue is available through a different provider. For journal articles not available locally, submit a request through ILLiad.