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Emerald, a trading name of MCB University Press Ltd, publishes about 150 journals in management, library and information services, engineering, and applied science and technology. You must register and create a profile to receive alerts.

You should be able to set up alerts when off the campus network even without using Off Campus Sign In; accessing subscribed content mentioned in alerts would require Off Campus Sign In.

Emerald alerts sends emails when new articles published online, ensuring that users are kept up-to-date with the very latest research. You can receive these updates in three ways:

Saved Search Alerts
After each search from within Emerald (assuming you have logged in) you will be given the option of adding it to your alert profile. Each time new articles are added to the database, you will be sent the brief citations of any new article that matches your search criteria.
TOC (Table of Contents) Alerts
TOC Alerts will email you the contents page of any chosen Emerald journal whenever the latest issue becomes available online.
Weekly Digests
This service provides you with an email summary of all Emerald Full Text Journals which are updated each week. [This is unlike to be useful unless you follow many Emerald journals.]

After you have created a profile and logged in, use the Search & Browse menu in the left navigation bar. You can either perform a search (across the full text content in Emerald) or browse a list of journals. When searching content, modify your search to be as focused on your research topic as possible. When new content is added to Emerald that match your search criteria, you will receive an email with citations to the content. You can choose to limit your searches to content within the Virginia Tech Libraries' subscription, but if you locate content outside the subscription, you may have access to it from another subscribed source or you could request it through interlibrary loan. A focused search will minimize being alerted to unrelated content. Once you are satisfied with your search, use the Save Search Alerts link at the top of your search results to add this search to your profile.

You can browse journals by title or subject. You can limit to subscribed titles, but if you are alerted to new content outside the Virginia Tech Libraries' subscription, you may have access to the content through another subscription source or you could request it through interlibrary loan. Once you have located a journal of interest, use the Add to my email Alerts link on the right side of the screen to add this journal to your profile. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed for this Emerald journal.

You can edit or delete alerts from your profile by returning to the My Profile link in the left navigation bar, selecting the type of alert, selecting the alert from the list, and using the Remove or Update button.

After you have received an alert...

Once you are alerted to the existence of a journal issue or article, search the Journal Title Database to see if the journal issue is available online or physically in the library. For journal articles not owned locally or available electronically, submit a request through ILLiad.

If we do have access to the article, and you have received a direct link to it while off campus, use LibX's reload page through Off Campus Sign In menu.