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HathiTrust print disabilities access

Any scanned book available through the HathiTrust Digital Library that also exists in our physical collection can be made available to patrons with print disabilities as an accessible scanned PDF. Eligible students and employees will be confirmed with the Services for Students with Disabilities or University ADA Services offices.

Many public domain books are already available for download through HathiTrust. This service provides access to in-copyright books to eligible patrons. To request a scanned in-copyright book, send the title, author, year of publication, and any other important identifying information to Robert Sebek. He will then make available to you (either via email or a download link, depending on the size of the file) the accessible PDF.

Important info about scanned books

  • These books are still in copyright
  • Only patrons with print disabilities are eligible for this service
  • The cover sheet indicating the copyright status of the work must remain part of the PDF
  • The PDF provided is for your personal use and cannot be shared with anyone else
  • Any questions about use of the PDF should be sent to Robert Sebek