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PIDs for extended campus users

Virginia Tech Personal IDs

Your Virginia Tech 'PID' is a unique Personal IDentifier. The PID you have been assigned or created by you belongs to you and you only; it, along with your PID password, serves to grant you access to Virginia Tech systems such as Canvas, HokieSpa, MyVT, the university libraries' online resources (databases, ebooks, ejournals,  some electronic theses and dissertations), and more.

You will want to protect your password as it provides access both to library resources, but also your personal data. The library regularly blocks accounts that have been compromised. Do not share your password, do not respond to emails asking for it, and do not enter your password on a site. Since they are site, entering your password on database pages like EBSCOhost or ProQuest will never work.

Go to the university's PID page to 

  • get a PID
  • change password
  • set up aliases
  • forwarding to another email address
  • search for people. 

That page also provides links to PID support services.

If you already have an email account through another service (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), you should forward your Virginia Tech email to this existing account. The library, for example, sends out overdue notices and other announcements only to official Virginia Tech email addresses.