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Off Campus Sign In FAQ

What is Off Campus Sign In and why do I need to use it?

Off Campus Sign In is the mechanism the library uses to authenticate remote users (off campus) to access restricted resources. Most of the links on the library's web site are freely available to all users, but some are restricted for various reasons.

What links on the library's web page are restricted and why?

Databases, ebooks, and ejournals are restricted contractually to currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff by the companies who provide the content. The reason is to prevent loss of sales to unaffiliated customers (individuals and companies) who might otherwise forego their own electronic subscriptions and use a library's access instead. 

Access to many Virginia Tech electronic theses and dissertations are restricted by the authors themselves who wish to limit global Internet availability pending possible publication elsewhere. These materials are indicated by a VT logo.

Basically, if your computer is on the campus network (wired or wireless), you should be able to access library resources. When outside the campus network (home ISP, cellular network, school or corporate network), you'll need to use the Off Campus Sign In system to make it appear you are on campus.

I can't get connected. Why?

There are two typical cases when Off Campus Sign In doesn't work:

  1. PID/password entry doesn't work
  2. You successfully logged in, but a specific online resource doesn't work

1. PID/password entry doesn't work

If you can get to the login screen, but your PID/password doesn't work, there are a few possible fixes:

Are you a current Virginia Tech student, faculty, or staff member? 

Only current Virginia Tech affiliates have access to Off Campus Sign In. If you have graduated or not paid tuition in over a year, you are likely no longer eligible.

Are you entering the right PID/password?

Your PID is not an email address; don't include the part. You also can't enter any aliases you have set up. The corresponding password is the same one you would use for HokieSPA and MyVT (but not your email on Google--it uses a different password). Can't remember your PID/password? You can reset it online.

Has your password expired? 

All PID passwords now expire after one year. If your password is expired, you won't be able to use Off Campus Sign In until it is changed.

Check your PID/password and your current status

You can check if you are entering the correct PID/password, if your password has expired, and if your status allows access by logging into MyVT. If you can login there, you are using the right PID/password combination.

To check your status, switch to the Personal Info tab, then use the Manage Your Profile link. Under Affiliations, you want to see at least one of these:


To check your password expiration date, switch to the Personal Info tab, then use the Manage Your Profile link. You will see both your Last Password Change date, and your Password Expiration Date. If your password is expired, use the Change Your Password link just above these dates. This change should be active in Off Campus Sign In in less than 15 minutes.

You may have been manually blocked by us

If all the steps above indicate you should have access, but still can't get in, we may have manually blocked you. This is rare now that Two Factor Authentication has been enabled. Excessive downloading or access from multiple countries at once triggers alerts for us.

If we find you are on our blocked list, we'll have you change your password and take other steps to protect your account before we restore access to you.

2. You successfully logged in, but a specific online resource doesn't work

We maintain a list of which resources, sites, and addresses should be proxied through Off Campus Sign In. Sometimes companies change their address or a new resource has not been added to our list. Use Ask a Librarian to determine if this is the case and we'll get it fixed as soon as possible.

How long will I stay authenticated?

Once you've logged in, the associated cookie should remain active for hours. Clicking another other proxied link should not require logging in again until the cookie expires or you close your browser.

If you find that you are frequently losing your authenticated connection, install the LibX browser extension. When you reach a restricted resource and realize you have not passed through the Off Campus Sign In server, you can simply right-click on the page and reload the page through Off Campus Sign In.

Does Off Campus Sign In work with Canvas?

Yes, but only if the instructor has included links with Off Campus Sign In embedded as part of the address.

We have complete directions on how to do that in our Canvas best practices pages.

Whom do I contact with questions about Off Campus Sign In?

First, be sure you have followed all the steps above to diagnose your problem. Once you are sure the issue is not a password problem or affiliation problem, you can use the chat service or support email linked on the top right side of this page. Be prepared to supply the results of all the steps above or any specific error messages you are seeing.