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Systematic downloading

Systematic downloading is the process of manually or programmatically downloading all publication from a site, whether a publisher site or database of content.

Systematic downloading is specifically forbidden in the library's contracts with vendors. Our licenses allow you to download articles, ebooks, and other sources needed for your personal research, not for creating a personal library of publications.

When vendors detect this kind of activity, they cut off access to these resources to everyone at Virginia Tech–and this happens as a result of patron activity several times each year.

We take some proactive steps to prevent this kind of activity, including blocking users from Off Campus Sign In. We investigate any instance of excessively high usage of our service, use of an account from more than one country simultaneously, and other unusual activity by an account. Often this reveals an account that has been compromised (usually because a user has shared his PID and password through a phishing attempt) or that an account has been purposely shared with other individuals in violation of the university's acceptable use policy. In these cases, we will require you to change your password before we consider removing you from our block list.

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Email the Distance Education support group or use the chat service below.

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