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Using Get VText service

Fallback full-text option
    Get VText Sidebar

Whenever possible, we directly link to articles from Summon and databases through the Get VText service. Sometimes that linking fails, but there could be a quick fix so you can still access your article. Try these strategies:

Try a different source

We often have access to journals through multiple sources. If the first source does not work, look in the popup menu for other options.

Use the Browse Journal link

If your citation does not include enough information to generate a direct link to the article (or the source doesn't support direct links), you can use the Browse Journal link to go to the journal's home page, the browse through the years/volumes/issues to find your article.

Search the journal site for your article

Copy the article title listed in the sidebar, then use the Browse Journal link to go to the journal's home page. Most journal sites have a search that's limited to just that journal.

This method is useful when the article you need is contained in a larger collection, such as when all abstracts for a poster presentation have been combined into one large PDF. Direct links won't work in this situation because the individual abstract is not available separately. Also, if your article is a preprint and has not yet received a volume/issue/page number, searching by title can locate it.

Look at options on the full Get VText screen

At the bottom of the Get VText sidebar is a link to the full Get VText screen. That screen can show additional options for browsing the source for your article.

Try a different lookup method

Most Get VText links use a combination of the journal title, publication year, and other citation parts to construct the direct link to the article. You may have better luck using an alternative method. If your search result lists a DOI or PubMed ID, you can try searching that for a better link to your article.