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Organize my research


As you collect sources for your research assignment (such as articles and books), you'll need to record the citations for those sources to include in the bibliography. Effectively recording those citations requires understanding how to read a citation. Citing the sources of your research is one part of avoiding plagiarism.

Organization tools

The library supports several great tools to store and organize your citations (and copies of the articles and other sources you'll use for your assignment):

  • Zotero is recommended for short-term projects, such as a research paper or presentation for a single class.
  • EndNote is recommended for longer term projects, such as senior cap-stone projects and graduate theses and dissertations.
  • Mendeley is recommended for collaborative projects where multiple researchers need to access and edit the citation list.
  • ProQuest Flow is recommended for collaborative projects with researchers at institutions with Flow or RefWorks, and who need to continue accessing their citation lists after graduation.

Format your bibliography

Finally, you'll need to format your source citations to create the bibliography, using one of several citation styles. Your instructor may indicate which style to use, or you may use one appropriate for the academic discipline of your assignment. Commonly used citation styles include: