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Newspaper article

When you are supplied a citation for an article, book, or other source in a bibliography or your professor's syllabus, you'll need to parse and understand the parts of that citation to be able to find it.

Area MU students among participants in undergraduate research day. (2012). The Charleston Gazette, pp. 10.

  • Author: none listed (not all newspaper articles list an author)
  • Publication date: 2012
  • Article title: Area MU students among participants in undergraduate research day
  • Newspaper title: The Charleston Gazette
  • Page: 10 (some newspapers will list a section with the page number: pp. A10)

How do we know this is a newspaper article?

The two titles and the lack of volume and issue numbers are the best clue here (plus common newspaper titles terms like Times, Record, Dispatch, Enquirer, Herald, Courier, and here, Gazette).

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