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SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Refsheet

Technical papers 

The Society of Automotive Engineers publishes several hundred technical papers annually. Each paper has an assigned accession number (paper number), with the first two digits indicating the year of publication. Selected technical papers are published as part of the Special Publication (SP) series. Some technical papers are published in the Proceedings of the SAE series.


SAE publishes three groups of industry standards:

  • SAE Ground Vehicle Standards, sometimes known as "J" standards
  • SAE Aerospace Standards
  • SAE Aerospace Material Specifications

SAE Technical Papers

All SAE Technical Papers are now requested through ILLiad. You will receive a PDF of the paper. Please include the SAE paper number and the title of the SAE paper in your request so that we can correctly identify the paper you are requesting.

Finding SAE publications 

You can search for SAE publications at the SAE site, though you will not be able to access full text at that site (we do not have a subscription). Once you have identified a paper in question, use its paper number in your ILLiad request.

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