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SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Refsheet

SAE technical papers 

The Society of Automotive Engineers publishes several hundred technical papers annually. Each paper has an assigned accession number (paper number). Papers published previous to 1999 have a six digit number (e.g. 929403). Papers published 1999 or after have a ten digit number (e.g. 1999-01-3518). The first two digits of the early papers, and the first four digits of the later papers indicate the year of publication.

Selected technical papers are published as part of standalone SAE publications such as books (e.g. Aircraft Thermal Management Systems Architectures) or journals (e.g. SAE International Journal of Engines). In the past, technical papers were sometimes published as part of the Special Publication (SP) series or the Proceedings of the SAE series.

SAE Mobilus

    Society of Automotive Engineers
This resource is freely accessible

SAE Mobilus

SAE provides access to technical papers from 1906-1997; for all other dates, request the paper through ILLiad (use the database to find/verify the paper number and date needed).

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Requesting SAE papers 

Use the database above to verify the paper number for papers published after 1997, then use that number to request it through ILLiad.

SAE standards 

SAE publishes three groups of industry standards:

  • SAE Ground Vehicle Standards, sometimes known as "J" standards
  • SAE Aerospace Standards
  • SAE Aerospace Material Specifications

Obtaining SAE standards

If you want to retrieve the older SAE J Standards yourself, they are included in the SAE Handbook, which we have in print format. Faculty and grad students may request current SAE standards through ILLiad, following the guidelines posted. Undergraduate students who need standards should request them through a faculty member.

Finding SAE publications 

You can search for SAE publications at the SAE Mobilus , though you will not be able to access full text at that site (our subscriptions only includes historical technical papers). Once you have identified a paper in question, use its paper number in your ILLiad request.

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