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Finding more with Abstracts Plus


Welcome to Finding More with AbstractPlus in IEEE Xplore.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the AbstractPlus pages in IEEE Xplore.

If you’d like to view more details about a particular document, click on the AbstractPlus link in your search result set.

At the top of each AbtractPlus page, you’ll see an actionable breadcrumb trail that lets you view the content category and publication title for this selection. From here you can view the table of contents or homepage for this particular publication.

Use the next button to scroll through all of your search results directly from this page, or you can return to your original results page.

The article title is featured prominently in orange text, along with a large "Access Full Text" button if you have access to this article through your subscription.

The action bar lets you download the citation, email or print this search entry. You can also gain rights and permissions for use through the copyright clearance center.

Author names are hyperlinked so you can view other articles published by the same person within IEEE Xplore.

Next, you’ll see the primary author’s affiliation, which is the organization, university or company he or she worked with while writing this article.

More specific citation information is followed by the complete abstract.

Index Terms help categorize the article’s subjects. These are especially useful if you are doing a lot of research in a particular area. You can click on any of these terms or keywords to see related content in IEEE Xplore.

Some articles will include a Reference List after the Index Terms. The Reference List lists the original sources for research discussed in this article.

For journal articles after 1996, you’ll be able to see the complete reference list from the paper. If the source is available in IEEE Xplore, you’ll be able to link directly to the abstract or full-text PDF.

Additionally, if the article comes from a CrossRef publisher, you’ll be able to follow this link to the publisher’s digital library site.

The "Buy Via Ask IEEE" link directs you to the paper through a document delivery service.

OpenURL links can also be found in the reference list, if available through your subscribing institution.

At the bottom of the AbstractPlus page, you’ll see a section called Citing Documents. These are IEEE papers that have cited this specific article. You can go directly to these articles in IEEE Xplore by using the Abstract or PDF links.If it is a new paper, or has not been cited, this section will not appear.

Citing Documents is a good tool for seeing how research from this article may have evolved since it was originally published.

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