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Browsing journals and magazines


Welcome to Browsing Journals and Magazines in IEEE Xplore

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to easily browse journals and magazines in the IEEE Xplore digital library.

To browse journals and magazines available in IEEE Xplore, select Journals & Magazines under the orange Browse button located on the main menu bar.

On the Browse Journals & Magazines page, you can browse by either title or subject.

Under the Subject tab, you will see the general subject headings for all IEEE Xplore journals and magazines.

Content in IEEE Xplore will be under multiple subject headings. For example, some aerospace journals may also be listed under transportation.

Under the Title tab, there are a few of ways you can browse journals and magazines in IEEE Xplore.

First, you can refine your display options by publisher and results per page using the menu to the right. You can also choose to view only active or currently published titles.

Browse alphabetically by clicking on one of the letters shown.

One of the things you'll see in the publication list is an orange triangle by some of the titles. Clicking on this triangle will reveal the title history for that publication. You can go directly to the table of contents for any of these titles by clicking on the journal name.

To search for a specific title, type the name in the search box and hit browse.

You'll see that title in the results returned.

You can also search by entering in a few keywords from the journal title. For example, electron devices will return a number of results in the type ahead drop down menu. You can select one of these publications or click browse.

The results will show any publications with electron devices in the title.

Click on one of these titles to go to that publication's home page.

On the home page of each publication, you'll see a Quick Search box at the top of the page. This allows you to search for a specific article by volume, issue and start page.

Below the Quick Search box, is the About this Journal box. Here, you'll find information about the journal's editorial board, content announcements and author resources.

In the main journal area, you can set an alert on this journal using your personal account, view popular articles, and sign up for an RSS feed on the action bar.

View early access articles by clicking on the View Articles button next to Early Access.

Early access content are articles that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for future publication, but have not been published in a journal issue yet. These forthcoming articles are available only on IEEE Xplore.

You can browse the table of contents for each issue using the Year and Volume drop down menus and selecting View Contents.

You'll also find general information about the journal, links to the publishing society and publication details, as well as the journal's persistent, or stable, link.

Finally, you'll see the Aim and Scope of the publication, along with main journal contacts.

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