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Searching with IEEE Xplore


Welcome to Searching with the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

IEEE Xplore uses a powerful search engine and faceted search results to make finding the right information even easier. In this tutorial, you’ll learn tips and best practices for searching with IEEE Xplore.

The global search box on the IEEE Xplore home page searches across all IEEE content and is where you will do most of your searching

After entering your term, a type ahead function suggests similar terms for you to choose from. You can either choose from the type ahead drop down menu or continue your search by clicking the search button to the right.

Once you receive the results, you’ll see a box on the left called Refine/Expand Results.

This is where you will be able to modify your search by a variety of facets.

IEEE Xplore uses guided navigation to present information specific to the search results previously retrieved.

You can refine your search by entering an additional term.

In IEEE Xplore, the asterisk represents any or no characters. Entering a term with an asterisk at the end will add variations to the end of the word. For example, adding an asterisk to energy harvest will return results for energy harvesting, harvester and other similar terms.

Select a term from the type ahead drop down menu or click on search to narrow your results.

You can also easily refine or expand your search using the facets below.

To select an item from any of these facets, click on the relevant boxes or use the search field and hit refresh results.

  • Content type lets you select the different types of publications relevant to your search.
  • Publication Year lets you find articles from a specific time frame. Use the slider to create a date range or type in a specific year.
  • Top authors for a particular search appear in the Author facet. You can select one or more author to narrow your results or search for a specific author.
  • Affiliation is the primary author’s company, university or organization.
  • Publication Title shows the top publications for these search results.
  • You can also refine by the specific publisher that has results for this search.
  • The Subject facet narrows results by general subject areas, based on publication title, in IEEE Xplore.
  • Finally, conference location is helpful for researchers who want to narrow results by where a conference took place.

You’ll be able to see what you’ve done in the Search Results box. Your original term will appear first, followed by the additional terms you’ve used to refine your search.

Here you can remove search elements to change your search results. To the right of every term, except for the original search term, there is an X. Clicking on this X allows you to remove that term from your results set.

Once you have refined your search, there are a variety of options for saving and delivering results.

Use the action bar to save, download, e-mail, or print your results.

Learn more about these features in the Working with Results and Saving Searches tutorials.

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