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ebrary: creating a personal ebrary account

Save documents, highlights and annotations to your bookshelf in ebrary.


Creating an ebrary account allows you to save documents, highlights and annotations to your personal bookshelf in ebrary.
To create a personal ebrary account, click the sign in link in the upper righthand corner, or click the Bookshelf tab.
On the sign in page, click "Create an Account." Complete the form and then click "Create New Account."
Once you've created an ebrary account, you can store documents that you're interested in on your personal bookshelf.
Folders allow you to organize the documents you place on your bookshelf.
You can select an item and choose to add to bookshelf and place the item into a specific folder.
Whenever you make a note, or highlight text within a title, the document is initially added
to the "Unclassified Documents & Annotations" folder on your bookshelf.
You can add a single annotation to a folder by clicking on its note icon and dragging it into a folder.
Or, you can drag the item itself into a folder to save all annotations from that title to that folder.
You can also share folders with others by emailing a link to the folder, or by sharing the folder so that it is publicly available.
Those who access your folder can see documents and all notes and highlights you added to each.

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