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ebrary: simple search

ebrary's simple search makes it quick and easy to find the content you want in ebrary


A basic or quick search is known as the Simple Search in ebrary. It can be performed from the Info tab or the Search tab.
A Simple Search searches across ALL of the fields in an ebrary record including the document text.
The default is to search for ALL of the terms that you enter into the Simple Search box.
To search for an exact phrase, use quotation marks around your search. Boolean operators are supported in the Simple Search box.
Your results are sorted by Relevance, but you can also sort on Title, Contributor, Publisher, or Date.
The results display in the Medium record view, but that can also be adjusted to the Short or Long record view.
You can also focus your search using the recommended subjects to run a search for books with matching subject headings.
This will add the subject terms to your existing search using either ANY of the selected subjects or ALL of the selected subjects.
You can open a book and begin viewing the contents by selecting the book title, the ebrary Reader button,
or a chapter from the table of contents.
Please visit our other ebrary training videos to learn more about using ebrary.

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