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Altmetric integration

Summon now displays altmetric badges for articles and other documents on its results page.

Human cloning search results with altmetric badges This sample search for human cloning in Summon shows several articles in the results that display and altmetric badge with a corresponding mentions number. The chosen article has 40 mentions. You can see the details of these mentions in the right-side preview column.


Altmetric details page Clicking through either badge will display a details page that shows demographic breakdowns, sources for the statistics, and explanations of how the scores were calculated.



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  • Advantages and limitations

    Advantages to leverage altmetrics for individual and group assessments. Limitations and the potential for gaming the system with altmetrics.

  • Altmetrics and open access

    There is an interesting relationship between altmetrics and open access. One could even refer to altmetrics as open metrics, since altmetrics data use open sources. Altmetrics in turn provide APIs for embedding altmetrics into institutional repositories or third-party systems. Open access research outputs that are themselves promoted via social web applications enjoy higher visibility and accessibility than those published within the commercial scholarly communication model, increasing the prospect of public consumption and engagement.

  • Tools

    Classes of platforms and tools that provide data for altmetrics applications

  • Types of altmetrics

    • Shares
    • Saves
    • Reviews
    • Adaptations
    • Social usage stats
  • Who are altmetrics for?

    • Publishers: Showcase research impact to your authors and readers in a beautiful new way. Monitor, search and measure all of the conversations about your journal’s articles, as well as those published by your competitors.
    • Librarians and repository managers: Add value to your libraries and institutional repositories. Track article level metrics for your institution's research outputs, and show faculty, staff and students a richer picture of their on research impact.
    • Researchers: Complement your reading by instantly visualizing a paper's online attention. Discover new scholarly articles in hundreds of disciplines while monitoring your personal research in academia and beyond.